Tuesday, February 27, 2018


In this months issue of the Quantum Storm E-Magazine [QSE], the cover depicts a one of a kind artist from Katy, Texas, whose music is helping the local Indie film market find new life through original music. She's making a name for herself by developing original, high quality music for Independent film projects in Texas, also through several other states and countries located around the world, selling her music to a large venue which is proving to be a trademark for this lone writer and creator. Lora Mao has quickly become the definitive expert to go to when you're in a crunch and need a real musical track to bring your emotional scene to life.

Recently, Mao has been producing mind altering music for Indie films in quantities and pristine qualities that she is sought out by film makers to help to create perfect mood music for their projects. She is known for her quick turn around on producing music required by each studio who hires her. And even though now she makes her music look easy to produce, it didn't start off that way.

She's worked in the Houston Indie film scene since 2012, honing her skills with her music and also dabbing as an extra on some of the films she has helped. Many of the films she has worked on have disappeared in the Indie film glut that has been swelling for years in Texas, but in 2017, her music hit pay dirt when she produced tracks for Quantum Storm Pictures, PRAYING MANTIS. working around the clock for two weeks and created one of the best original opening soundtracks the studio has ever used in their films.

"I have been working with this studio for a few years now" said Mao. "I will always say yes to their upcoming projects because the end results are good. Their ability to work my music into the scenes is amazing."

And Mao is right, her work has made such a mark on the studios first film of 2017, that the Quantum Storm Pictures studio has nominated her for "Adaptive Music Coordinator/Writer of the Year" honors for 2017 for her work on MANTIS, a film that has received strong reviews for it's overall production and even now has created a brilliant sound tracks for other local Indie films set for release in 2018.

In this issue of the QSE, Mao talks about her life with music, living out of state and working with Indie films, networking with several Indie organizations in Houston, plus the materials and software she used to help create her masterful musical tracks. She does more work outside of working with the Quantum Storm Pictures crew and that show's that she is malleable enough to work through groups who may not want to extend their business to people who choose to work outside of certain cliques in the film scene.

"Lora Mao is an exceptional artist who is cheerful to work with." says Spectre Zero Director, David Quintana. "I send her ideas via email and text, she winds up sending me back plenty of files to listen to. If I find something that I like but need adjustments, I request changes and she returns the files with perfect clarity with a quick turn around."
Quintana added that Mao's work will be pushed to the test during the production of Spectre Zero, as all of the musical tracks are in the firm hands of Mao to produce new work for every scene to every episode in the series. Readers of the blog who are not privy to the QSE will get a few more chances to listen to Mao's work in series trailers which will be released on the projects Facebook page though April.

Sunday, February 25, 2018


Thanks to some smartly prepared promotions through various internet sites, the studios supper-thriller SciFi series, SPECTRE ZERO, is taking strong roots with many Oriental fans due to the reason of the show including a talented and heavy Oriental cast who portray lead characters who delve into a career of searching for spiritual phenomena.

One of the series leading characters, Wynn Mi, is played by the talented and beautiful Sara Mao of Katy, Texas who has made a name for herself on the internet with cosplay modeling she has produced online for the last few years.  Her character is gifted with the psychic ability to step through a doorway of the "minds eye" and communicate with evil spirits that live inside a sub-space world that has parallels with our own world. Her clairvoyant abilities are pretty impressive as all she has to do is see and sense the area around her to fully engage with spirits and try to communicate with them. In many cases, the trips into the "minds eye" are simple and a bit scary, but at other times her trips into the nether world are quite horrifying and seem to send a warning about seeing things in the dark that people shouldn't.

Wynn's team members are the creators and inventors of the band name company, Spectre Zero. Markus McCain, is played by Daniel Erik, and Lewis Denmark, is played by Bishop Asher [both of Conroe, Texas] who run a website which lists only the proven "active" places in Texas that have ghostly phenomena and also have an Urban Legend tied to them. In the series, the trio trek through the Texas landscape verifying or debunking ghost sites and make a good living off of them. In some cases, the phenomena is so extreme, that Wynn Mi is put in peril over some evil forces that are up to no good.

The series director and creator, D. R. Quintana, said that the studio project was seriously only intended to be another web series, which was being produced solely for fun.

"I never want to over-emphasize or over-hype any of the projects I produce through our small enterprise, but the Chinese audience is watching, listening, and reading every article and trailer we release on the web" says Quintana. "The numbers are real and there is no exaggeration about the expectation for this low budget series, that doesn't look so low budget in final production."

Quintana says that the high quality video production has everything to do with thinking about how to produce the best material possible before actually rolling their cameras. The series must maintain a high quality video production and at least a 7.2 Dolby surround sound production format with original music score and full scripts to have a chance for approval to Amazon's film and series acceptance program for streaming services.

"In years passed, it was all about filming this scene and that without thinking of the quality of the production" added Quintana. "Where I wanted quantity of material to spill out onto the internet, racing the remaining time of a young cast of actors, in Spectre all of the actors are adults and there's no racing required to keep the look of the cast in check." 

The studio continues to produce episodes for the series, aiming for a goal of 13 to 15 episodes for final delivery to Amazon for streaming and distribution. The studio is hoping to wrap up season one by April and commence production of season two by the end of July. With a young cast and  a plethora of stories to tell, the studio is sure that the series will find it's way to fans across all corners of the globe, just like previous project releases produced by the studio.

The studio is planning to release a new series trailer in the first week of March.

J. Jazz
[Contributing Writer]

Monday, February 5, 2018


This month’s issue is filled with actors interviews and some discerning news concerning Independent film projects which usually start off with a strong cast, an unknown director or production team, seemingly “innocent” fund raising attempts on the web, and wind up going nowhere; as a matter of fact, many have just vanished off the face of the earth. This blog entry is only part of the liner notes [unedited and raw material] presented in this month’s issue, filled with the truth about how many Independent film projects never get off the ground or launch as promised.

Simply put, “What has your director produced prior to hiring you as an actor on his project?” – Did you know that many first time directors and/or production teams often claim to have “an in” with presenting their new project to a network or “someone” in Hollywood? Well, it’s been proven true on more than one occasion. Many local veteran actors, aspiring new actors, young actors parents, and film clique-teams have all been innocently mislead on projects that seem to have the right script, the right director, or the right production team that seem to have their shit together. These groups provide the strongest support of the Indie film project from within by promoting the special existence of the film without any real material to provide to their family and friends, save the old  Hey, follow this project on Facebook, because I’m in it” line. Most of these movies tag their movie posters with "Coming Soon" and they never arrive at all.

All of this usually occurs without any real filming ever truly occurring on the project, save for perhaps a low budget “trailer” that is produced by a small group of the loyal members of the production team, after that the powers that be provide insight of the project for crowd funding or Indiegogo websites that are usually end up being mostly funded by the actual actors that have roles in the film. Usually on every one of those fundraising sites, the reason for the funding is renting camera equipment, buying permits and such. Our question has always been, “Why call yourself an Indie film studio or Indie production team when you don’t even own a camera or work inside a studio?”

Better yet, why do most of those veteran actors wind up spending so much time promoting and funding these types of film productions? – The answer is very simple, those actors want to work and if that work helps build their reputations or video portfolios, then so be it. Many of these projects seem to produce the right steps to launch their films; they all produce grand photo shoots with descriptions of lead actors and their roles, some even go as far as bring in some new, young faces to present to the world with roles that are important and not just a scene as an “extra”. Most of these new young faces have parents that are willing to dump money into these projects to help it get launched and see their child on film in their first project.

The fact that remains for many of these failed projects is that hardly anyone ever knows what has happened to the money raised when things just being to fall apart. These same veteran actors and the young upstarts will follow one another from one project to another, usually with the same production team, until the luster and patience has run out. In many-many cases many young careers are extinguished before they ever start and that’s a damn shame.

So, what the QSE has done is provide a large list to subscribers of the 118 indie film projects across Texas that presented a good start but then just burned out as fast as they flamed up in 2017. We provide links to at least 67 dead film project Facebook pages – most of them from Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, IMDB pages for all of them, and some updates from disgruntled actors and actors parents who had enough of the shit that comes with production teams that just fail to produce anything but a promotional trailer. 

The number of Indie film projects for 2018 is expected to triple this year as new directors are starting to spring up all over Texas and in the local Houston film communities. Many of these new Indie films are claiming “inside deals” and instant “hookups” with Netflix and Amazon after producing only one short episode to present to those streaming services, even though many are being shot out of required formats and without accredited director certifications or proper editing techniques that are always deemed necessary for approval.

In an attempt to keep the mass of veteran actors, aspiring actors, and young talent’s parents informed about Indie film projects who claim they’re targeting for release to Nexflix, ZULU, HULU and Amazon, this issue also lays out the filming formats and requirements that online streaming seek [as listed on their individual websites] prior to any approval; and there are NO exceptions!

Sunday, January 28, 2018


The momentum is building as the studio released a new series trailer for SPECTRE ZERO; a series that has been in production since late December 2017, starring Daniel Erik, Sara Mao, and Bishop Asher. The series is planned for twelve episodes and is kept in production standards for possible entry into Amazon.com's streaming services for distribution. The studio adds that a contract has yet to be discussed, but that Amazon.com's strict guideline polices for submission will be adhered until a final decision has been reached; which has "adjusted" the series release date.

The new trailer is dark, not as shocking as the first trailer, but it presents the "first look" acting abilities of at least two of the main characters in the series. The trailer is posted primarily on the series Facebook page, but will soon be release on YouTube and other video steaming circuits on the web this coming week. Thus far, the trailer is receiving high marks for it's cinematography and musical arrangement, all from the magical talents of Lora Mao, also from Houston, Texas, who has produced some top quality music tracks for the series. The director, D. R. Quintana, has emphasized his skills in not only presenting a crisp production in the looks of the show, but also in the acting department.

SPECTRE ZERO introduces Sara Mao as "Wynn Mi", a young clairvoyant with the ability to seek out spirits who have attached themselves to paranormal heavy vessels [or talismans] in our physical world to live among the living. She makes a decision to join a pair or researches to assist them in confirming several dark Urban Legends that are considered the most dangerous to face alone. 

Wynn Mi is not a ghost whisperer, but she has the ability to conjure up any spirit that refuses to pass to the other side, at will. She has learned that a large majority of spirits don't like being messed with and through the help of her team, most of the spirits are called out and given proper names and warnings for others to follow.

The series character with the clairvoyant ability required a young and talented actress to bring her to life, but Mao is no new comer to acting. She has performed in smaller roles in the Indie Houston film scene, with a few surprise roles that have yet to surface in her list of performances in her career. Mao told Quintana that she has studied many shows on television and Netflix, studying actors emotional responses to situations that occur from scene to scene. She used method acting to fill in the mission spots and her gamble is paying off.

The series director/creator, D.R. Quintana, says that Mao fell into character almost overnight, proving on the first day of shooting that she's the right actor for the job. Quintana wanted a culture soup of leading actors to perform for the audiences and with Mao, the Oriental side of Houston's Indie film scene should be very proud to have Mao in this powerfully scary series.

Playing Wynn Mi's mother is newcomer Gwendoline Chang, also from Houston. She takes on the role of 'Ruhl Mi', a powerful lawyer in the Chinese/Korean section of Houston and also a wielder of clairvoyant abilities, but not as powerful as Wynn's. In later episodes, the role of Ruhl will be one of over bearing ambition that could put the Spectre Zero team in danger; but that's for a later time.

Quintana wanted a sexy actress to play the role and be able to belt her parenting side when it is needed in the series; he seemed to have landed a double home run when Chang agreed to be part of the project. Quintana likes that Chang is malleable on the set and willing to follow direction for the best performance in front of the camera. He says that she isn't as still as most first timers in front of the camera and her professional attitude is paying off wonders to the entire cast and crew thus far.

Chang is currently working on building an internet based company helping people with their personal relationships. She is highly educated, also in fantastic shape, and has a smile that could melt any mans heart in a matter of seconds. Quintana says that he hopes to have Chang in other roles in the near future, but only time will tell if Chang will continue to act in front of the camera, should her internet based business actually take strong flight.

Thus far, the trailer is hitting large numbers from viewers across the globe. The studio expects the trailer to receive maximum hits after the link from the Facebook page is released on the web. The studio is expecting to release another series trailer in February to present to fans an actual release date after the series is submitted to Amazon.

J. Jazz
[Contributing Writer]

Monday, January 22, 2018


The Quantum Storm E-Magazine [QSE] has gone through a ton of phases in the last four years. The layouts, the articles, and the covers have all had tremendous growth in presenting a top quality and professional presentation which has received the highest praises and reviews from both our strong league of subscribers and blog readers world-wide. We can only hope that 2018 will be the same as we begin to slowly pass through the month of January and step towards the release date of our next big issue.

2017 was all about "the actor". We dove into great lengths to find new actors that are breaking out throughout vast Independent film world of Texas to bring out young actors who are cutting their teeth in front of the camera. Some articles took us to the far corners of the state and even to some rural areas where people might not know where Indie film teams exist. Weather studios used the big Red cameras or Apple iPhones to complete the film was not the issue to present to reader, it was the attempt to actually complete a film and get it out for people to see that were the bigger news articles to read.

The QSE spent a little less time on controversies in 2017. The previous year before that, it seemed that the studio couldn't get enough of actor and studio disputes to disrupt local film communities over the tasteless management of films and how their produced. So, the QSE took vast steps to keep away from making the E-Magazine feel like a tabloid with all of the drama which was beginning to surface through it's reporters who were constantly out in the field. Articles remained true to only what could be proven, dropping all gossip and drama from the articles.

And speaking about QSE reporters, the studio welcomed three new college oriented staff members in 2017 from West-Texas who helped the E-Magazine present stories from north-west Texas, an area that was seldom covered in previous years. Two stories presented noteworthy reviews for sharing the concern of filming without permits in abandoned state owned areas; the article received tremendous accolades from private land owners and local law enforcement officials who were aware of the problem which was reported.

With the E-Magazine staff growing in size, the local staff in the Houston area could take some personal time off to work on personal activities which they neglected to help bring in new articles for the next issue. Keep in mind that a monthly publication is very tough to fill when you're only covering one area of the state! The idea then was to ensure that the QSE was doing it's best to cover the Indie film scene throughout the state and give new studio teams and actors a voice in saying, "Hey, don't forget about us!"

It is now the intention of the QSE for 2018 to focus it's efforts for film and web series projects within the state of Texas. Directors, producers, and screen writers will get their chance to put their projects on the limelight of QSE cover stories and present their projects to a larger 'online' audience. QSE reporters and the Editor in Chief himself will look into every Indie project which wants more attention, more coverage, and pass out more information about their film project and where to watch it's premiere or it's online release.

This should be a fun year for everyone. If you're not a subscriber of the QSE, remember that we will do our best to post some of the articles and cover updates on this blog. If you believe you might have a story or film project for us to follow, feel free send us some information about it, here

Please stick around, the best is yet to come!

QSE Staff

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Will 2018 prove to be the year that you make a dent in the local Indie film scene? Well, if you know how the local film cliques work, you attend the film scene parties and social gatherings, you provide the tasty looks that local male directors and photographers look for, than yes, you’ll get some attention in no time.

The pleasures of working with great looking actors/models is always at the top of the concentrated list of any director/producer/photographer. Anyone who denies that type of need or requirement is a downright liar. Projects that have been produced without the need of good looking cast members are usually directed by the lead actor himself. If you take a look around Houston, you’ll see many Indie film projects that have directors that are also the lead actors in their films. Some are smart enough to ask why, others look past that because they are dying to be cast in anything, so long as they are a star in the indie film in question; and yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Is this really a really big deal in the local Indie film scene? – Well, it depends on who you ask. A ton of local Indie films never wind up being completed for one reason or another. Most all start off with official auditions, contract signings with ‘deferred’ status written clearly in them, IMDB credits are applied, a creative Facebook page is produced, great actor photoshoots and trailers to help build up steam for fund raising purposes. But where all of the ingredients are on the table to help bake that ‘great cake’ of success, things suddenly fall flat and nothing is ever brought up again about the production or the seeds were over-watered and the plant just never took root.

After that, no one ever talks about the project again. There’s nothing to present to anyone, except maybe a few scenes that could be used in a demo reel or that dreadful trailer that doesn’t mean squat in the real world. The IMDB page eventually becomes stigma of ‘what could have been’, then quickly fades into the dark hole of ‘oh, that was a good idea’. You will hear things like, “we just couldn’t build interest” or “there wasn’t any funding” in justifying why the project never launched.

You have to think about all of the money that was lost by the actors, the time invested that went nowhere, the people that feel that got burned over the whole deal, etc.-etc.-etc. If you were part of the now ‘infamous’ project, you have some questions to answer that perhaps the director and his film team should have answered long ago or made a clear open statement to keep the masses informed. Of course, who wants to inform their friends of another failure, right?
How can one prevent being part of a potential bad Indie film project? – First of all, if you’re attending indie film network meetings at a local pub or some kind of Indie film Gala event to present your goods to those in attendance; in an attempt to earn the prestige of being in a film project, you’re going about it all wrong. Sure, it’s worked for other actors and actresses to mingle with filmmakers to get a spot in a film, but as an actor it’s what you do to promote yourself professionally that earns you the ability to make money doing what you do best.

Consider finding a reasonable acting agent within your community and get a solid series of professional headshots; not headshots taken from your iPhone, but by someone who knows what they’re doing; especially when it comes to editing the photos. As a female actor, never get too extreme with your initial photographs until you’ve established what you’re all about in the local community. You don’t ever want to give anyone the impression that you’re open to roles that you’re definitely not ready for; especially in the heavily romantic, sassy and sexy world of Indie film making.

Work closely with your agent, they will know your talents and the limits of what you will be able to accept in any role. Remember that agents cost money and they always want a percentage of anything that you make. Being in video commercials can be fun, but not rewarding when you’re trying to build up your acting prowess. Always try to put a strong effort in performing in front of groups of people; take classes in theater to help you develop emotions, be creative in character development, and help you grow from one play to another. 

But if you are a looker; an actor or actress that has the looks, the sexiness, and the diligence to impress a room with just your appearance, be very wary of those “instant photographers” and artists that want to help you “build your portfolio”. These idiots are not regulated and many are not certified to be labeled as professional photographers. Always ask for full copies of all of the photos taken prior to leaving their studio or the places you’ve agreed to producing your portfolio works; when you check the picture files, be sure to count all of the sequential numbers and make sure all of the pictures are there; especially if you took risqué pictures with one of these idiots!

[This post is the opinion of D. R. Quintana and not the opinion of the actors or staff who worth with Quantum Storm Pictures or the Quantum Storm E-Magazine.]

Saturday, January 6, 2018


The latest studio project, SPECTRE ZERO [starring Daniel Erik, Sara Mao, & Bishop Asher] has brought in an unexpected line of followers on Facebook, a Chinese and Korean following that would make any Independent film making project nervous about its premiere. But that isn't holding the flowing current of the studio team at work, to them it's all about getting things done right, to present the best of what the studio has to offer in a style all their own. Their efforts have produced startling results which has caught views off guard and now some new fans are expecting a very scary, scary series.

In as little as a month, the SPECTRE ZERO trailers effect on the Internet has been tremendous. It's being seen in four different countries and the incoming emails concerning a release date and more information on the cast has taken the studio by storm within the last week. The trailer was deliberately kept short and presented only twelve seconds of raw footage from Episodes 01 and 02, with an outstanding musical score by Lora Mao that sets the skin afire with bone chilling goosebumps that anyone would enjoy after seeing the trailer for the first time.

"We wanted to punch everyone in the mouth with the first preview" says David Quintana, the director and executive producer of the show. "The best part is, the scenes we released aren't the scariest part of the first two episodes".

The journey for this new series can be traced all the way back to March of 2017, after the studio started production on the studio film, Praying Mantis, in San Antonio, TX. Where the crew were on the set in a hotel room, messing with lighting effects that caught the eye of A. J. Lightsey, the studios Visual Effects Coordinator. 

"We were reflecting shadows up on a wall and ceiling during a scene and it got me thinking about the way water projects a flowing shadow when light it reflects off of it at night. I talked to the Director afterwards and brought up a new visual effect we could use later" recalls Lightsey. "After going into discussions about creating an atmosphere of darkness for Spectre, it resurfaced and we put our idea together for this series without the use of green screen effects".

The usage of the new lightning format has been the forte for this new series. The studio knows that it's nothing ground shattering in the special effects department, but they know that locally, no one is using it. With that and the tone of darkness that is being projected throughout the planned series, the presentation is darker than anything anyone has produced in the local Independent film circuit, and its scaring the crap out of most people who watch the trailer with earnest ambiguity.

Prior to rolling film in the production, everything is laid out to the actors about how the scenes will be produced. There are no secrets, nothing to indulge in except the fact that they will shoot over and over until they hit the mark that the director expects. Their efforts have proven to be the strength that will provide the best experience for future fans; all of the actors review what has been shot for guidance and reference pointing.

"We want the series to be a bone chilling experience for anyone who watches the show" says Quintana. "We won't always be able to scare everyone or give a shocking presentation in each episode, but what we can do is constantly entertain and deliver what we have with a passionate punch to the face."

Lissa M.
[Contributing Writer]