Thursday, April 24, 2014


The studio released the new issue with a surprise cover depicting the new cast of the long awaited sequel to Ghosties: The Witches Spell, which set an impressive "Sold Out - Standing Room Only" event on it's premiere night in 2011; surpassing ticket sales to any previous Houston Independent Film ever produced in H-Town by a tremendous margin.

Ghosties 2: Tale of the Bride starts right off where the first film left off and plans to take teenage and adult audiences on another fun adventure of ghost hunting. The film is set to bring back cast members from the first film; Fabritzia Faustinella, Kacey Kelly, Alan Berkowitz, with the assistance from new actors Ellen Falterman [STOA5] and Tim Eggert [STM]. 

G2 was written by D. R. Quintana and Daniel Quintana during the early spring of 2014, and will share the big screen with two other unidentified film projects which are currently in production and set for a fall release. The writing duo have confirmed that G2 will run approximately 80 minutes and is planned for release in September 2014.

The films associate producer, Glenda Rovito, found a new cast of theater actors to portray roles for the second run of characters for the film, which is proving to be the films true strength. The films director is claiming that G2 will be another big hit within the Houston based Independent film movement.
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Friday, April 18, 2014


Well, it's not a secret anymore!...if the studios planned cover for it's vaunted E-Magazine isn't hint enough, the studio is getting ready to launch another great film in the vast Independent film market!
David Quintana & Glenda Rovito are producing one of the HOTTEST children's film ever produced in the Texas Independent film scene. After 2011's successful first film, GHOSTIES: The Witches Spell; starring Tanner Fontana & Jessica Yanker, the new sequel is sure to bring another new set of young fans to the theaters to conclude the story which was left wide open for a sequel. This new sequel starts up right where the old one left off and the films "Pitch" teaser-trailer has already proven to be a hit with two film test audiences.

This sequel, GHOSTIES: Tale of the Bride will introduce a new young cast of theater actors who have never worked in the Independent film industry. The studios claim is that this sequel is sure to outshine the first film in the series and bring out a new line of young talent into the glut of new actors being promoted throughout the state of Texas. 
Director David Quintana is very proud to announce that this sequel has been purposely aimed at a safe atmosphere for families and children during it's production; adding a little horror to keep the young fans at the edge of their seats. The film is currently slated as a PG rated film.

Assisting the new upstart thespians in this new film will be the return of some old faces; Kacey Kelley, Alan Berkowitz, and Fabrizia Faustinella, along with the addition of the talented Ellen Falterman and Tim Eggert. The film is planned as a 90 minute feature and is currently being produced in Beaumont, Montgomery, and Tarkington, Texas.