Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Quantum Storm Magazine returns with a sexy cover and a new attitude to deliver the best coverage of studio projects for 2014 and beyond!

Absolutely no other studio magazine covers film projects like the award winning Quantum Storm Magazine, which showcases a variety of studio projects, special inside looks, liner notes, and actor interviews without the constant barrage of advertisements and other localized B-Movie crap presented by clique-minded publications.

The October issue of the magazine presents a sexy cover, with the talented Teresa Kennedy, great articles on current projects; ANGELIKA5 The Movie, Ghosties II - Tale of the Bride, BIONICA, and BIANCA 2029, and several other actors interviews and behind-the-scene production stills on Star Trek Minotaur!

Sneak previews of the new issue has have already garnered high reviews from subscribers, all of whom noted the fantastic and very sexy four page layout of Kennedy shot in the Spring of 2014. Kennedy has worked in the real world success of show business and has worked exclusively with some of the best and brightest in Hollywood. She will be seen in ANGELIKA5, Star Trek Minotaur, and one other short film being shot by the studio.
The studio E-magazine is dedicated to largely presenting actors & news in South-East Texas, the opinions of the studio and their attributes to film projects which have either been produced by Q Storm Productions or critiqued & reviewed by the studio.

To become a subscriber, follow the advertisements presented at the offset of each studio release here on this blog. Click the link and get your first issue, the award winning publication of "Honor, Courage, BIONICA" for FREE! So, be sure not to miss out on the October release of the QUANTUM STORM Magazine!