Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Gracing the cover of the new issue for only the second time, is the sexy and talented Maque Garcia!
With the studio changing filming formats for 2015, the decision to focus production efforts towards the Latin audiences in Texas is proving to get the right attention from the right people. Maque Garcia and her connections with the Latin Networks is are planning to bring some super-successful films aimed directly at the regional Latin community with popular, soap opera based films and web series.
Many people have problems pronouncing her first name [Mah'Que], but it has not hurt any part of Maque Garica's career in short films, web series, or Latin television. After completing her role in The ANGELIKA5 Movie, she has immediately pushed her career to star in several films with the studio, one the highly anticipated "Lastima Del Alma" with Eddie Enriquez and Saira Ramos, set for release early next year; and the dubious comedy entitled "150", which is sure to get some good attention in the Texas Film Festival circuits next year.

There had been some question as to the secretive nature by the studio in the past two months concerning, Star Trek Minotaur, but this new issue presents a few more production stills for the new Sci-Fi series and a look at Maque's role as Commander "Ivy" Milano during production.

"There is nothing to worry about", says an excited Maque. "David and the team are working hard to bring you the best show they can. Minotaur will definitely be worth the wait and I am happy with the work we've devoted to the show. It is a serious show with lots of good stories and actors. It's been great fun playing a wine drinking doctor!"

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Recently, I was asked by a talentless, British "want-to-be" as to why I do not promote any of the Q Storm Studio projects on for everyone to see.

The answer was simple...demographically, Youtube does not break down which country has the targeted audience a project is looking for; as previewed below:
There are only a handful of local projects that actually have an out of state [or out of Houston] fan base that follows their projects. With marketing and promotional work aimed elsewhere, the project is sure to get the widest dissemination for future enterprises.

No Q Storm Studio project has ever catered its existence for the career of ONE person. Everyone gets to share in the projects success and world-wide exposure. Some actors and crew know how to handle that type of privilege, while others like to exploit it for lunch money and wind up being let go for their narrow minded vision.

But by also controlling where the project is presented, it also prevents psychotic freaks [like the British want-to-be] from copying or downloading the studio project for their own personal use.

Nuff said...

David Q
A Real Award Winning Director/Producer