Monday, November 17, 2014


Starring Omar Scanu, Teresa Kennedy, and introducing Mel Weems
This is the first Native American paranormal thriller Web Series to hit the Internet from Texas. Based on some true events concerning clairvoyant paranormal investigations, this new series takes a broader look into the side-effects of having the ability of "sight" and having to deal with many inner demons which are summoned from within during its use.

The multi-talented and edgy Omar Scanu takes the role of William "Many Hands" Alvarez, a Native American Psychic/Clairvoyant with the ability to see past events in reverse, and in some cases, also has the ability to "adjust" small events in the past to favor the victim and change the outcome; only he retains the memory of what actually occurred in the alternate history, while others are naive to what he's done. But the lead character is not without issues of his own, as he is a recovering alcoholic who used alcohol to cancel out his clairvoyant, time-adjusting ability.

Developed over three years of writing, the series creator-writer-director, D. R. Quintana, and co-producer, Glenda Rovito are planning to deliver a new web series with an eerie look into the matters of paranormal, psychic powers used in solving cold case crime investigations. As always, the new series will have a familiar filming format which is a trademark of Quintana's past work; so he warns people to expect to see some visual effects which were used in his  studios previous web series.
Quintana has chosen to change the filming format of his work by instilling a method of changing camera lenses from one scene to another and adjusting the tone of colors throughout all of the episodes production; something he has never done before.

"During the first five years of working in Texas on other Sci-Fi web shows, I spent more time on capturing epic scenes than doing post-editing adjustments where I felt they weren't required" Quintana said. "But over time, I learned that some projects prosper from solid post-editing. And Wishbones is my first attempt at doing so. I am very impressed with the final results."

Assisted with the acting talents of the veteran Teresa Kennedy and new comer, Mel Weems, the trailer also presents the work of the talented, Drucilla Marie, as the victim in the first episode. The Wishbones trailer is an eerie first look at William's connection with the netherworld and a cold look at a crime which has perplexed the local investigative teams over the death of a young high school student in a rural cabin in the woods.

"The casting for this series will be small" added Quintana. "It is planned that two extras will be brought in for each episode as victims and are presented in alternate endings which will either favor the victim or capture the killer. Some of the stories written for the series are fictional, but many are not."
The prospect of landing a continuing role on a world-wide stage is always the goal of any actor. The studio reported that Scanu is more than excited to get this new series launched into the Internet to present his work. "I've worked on and off with Omar on several small projects" said Quintana. "I shared this project with him over the years and we were just waiting for the right time, the right actors to support, and the right filming format to get things rolling in the best direction."

Wishbones was produced "under the radar" and without the promotional push of a Facebook page or series production updates through a blog; a first for Q Storm Productions. The studio says that the production team feels great to release something which was kept under wraps and without outside pressure to lure extra crews to assist in the production of the series.
Being produced entirely in Montgomery County, the new series is planned as a mini-series to begin in January and end in March with the possibility of a second set of mini-episodes in the summer. This new series is planned for release early in 2015.