Sunday, March 8, 2015


Spring is here and the studio didn't miss a beat by producing a new and exciting issue of the infamous, award winning studio E-magazine! Gracing the cover is studio veteran, Saira Ramos, whose remarkable work on The Secret of ANGELIKA5, boosted her confidence in performing and gave her the confidence to seek roles which would better test her abilities.

Beautiful and talented, Ms. Ramos took bolt steps to land the role of Commander Kajol in the studios highly anticipated web series release of STAR TREK MINOTAUR. Coming off of a six-month shooting schedule for both MINOTAUR and BIONICA, the actress took time to answer a few questions and provide liner notes for the time she has spent with the studio during each video shoot.

"Going from wigs and pointed ears in one project to glasses and long hair in another has been quite a ride." said Ramos. "It's been a lot of fun, but also a lot of hard work. We have a great team of people putting things together and makin' it happen all the time."

The secrecy of each project in production has not been an issue for the veteran actress to handle. Ms. Ramos has been hot and heavy in the comic book convention circuit, making a ton of great contacts for her professional career. Her acting side has a lot to strive for she added. 

"I get asked about everything that I do on my off time, all the time" added Ramos. "I keep strictly to business, tho. When I work the circuit, the conventions are about getting all of the attention for my clients and not what I'm doing on my own personal time."

Ms. Ramos will have a large part in MINOTAUR and an even larger part in the BIONICA series with Dru Marie, both projects set for release later this year. Ramos stated that the BIONICA series is definitely on target and will reflect the wishes and dreams of the most hardened Bionic Woman fan.

"I assure everyone out there that David has a great script and sticks to the formula used on television throughout the Bionic Woman's run" Ramos stated.
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