Sunday, June 21, 2015


The studio released news this morning at the studio website, that production on "ANGELIKA5-The Movie" [TSOA5] has now officially started. Even though some of the scenes in the film have been under production for the last year and a half, the actual production to the feature films remaining scenes has just now officially began to tape in front of the camera.

The series creator/producer/director, David Quintana, said that the production of the feature film going from web-series to a series finale "es'special" had to take a little time to prepare and to form into a cohesive idea to send all of the five years of hard work of a tremendously talented cast, into one heart punching end which was well deserved of a five-year Indie web series production. Not only would it make the core group of the cast happy, but it would also give the loyal fans who've watched the series from the start, and still left with so many questions about some of the mysterious happenings during its run, get the answers they deserve.
It is said that David worked on scripting the series finale for the TSOA5 movie for over a year, making hundreds of changes, all in an attempt to cover all of the questions which were raised during the run of the web series. Most of the web series was written at the Lightsey Ranch in Montgomery, Texas, where David would sit on the properties pier and write out footnotes for each episode. They were later expanded in a special screenplay format used for producing 20 minute episodes. His formula was derived from working on previous web series and learning the intricate skill of timing episodes.
"Many of the episodes were either written as two-parters or four-part story arcs which were cut up into three to four or six to eight segmented episodes each month." says David. "Fans that were new to the show couldn't figure out the format and has to accept the story lines presented which left many holes in the plot, unless they replayed three or four episodes in a row. Most of the show's true understanding was achieved when we posted all of the episodes online for easy viewing. Fans would spend an entire weekend watching all of the episodes in one huge shot, absorbing the twist and turns, and they learned about the stories plots and where we were going with everything."
David says that the studio was producing five episodes of work each month and releasing new episodes every two weeks. Much of the time, the actors didn't know what to expect during each new episode; as sometimes weeks to even a month had passed before specific episodes launched on the web.

Brittany Clark led the cast on every episode for four seasons as Angelika McAdams, a young teen who was suffering from memory loss and possible brain seizures which encompassed her on occasion. Her mental injuries were due to an accident in her youth which apparently took the life of her mother; all well presented in the series during the first two seasons. Clark auditioned for the lead role in late 2008, beating out a long list of applicants for the part. Starting off as a 13 year old, fans of the series watched her grow into a well established actress and leading young lady.

"Brittany's doll-like features and thin body were the deciding factor in her winning the role. Everyone was happy and later on in the first season, she befriended her co-star Angelica Grayson, who plays Brianna Fuller on the set and both are now life-long friends", David says. "These two young actors brought a lot of energy to the series both in front of the camera and behind it. They always presented a professional atmosphere both on the show and in their personal lives, which was driven forth by both of them naturally."
One of the biggest bragging points of the show's production was the deep seeded cast who committed to the series for over five years. Through thick and thin the cast worked away at the series, chipping away at the creators script, ever so slowly developing the story line to a world-wide fan base. Each episode told a dramatic story with little SciFi special effects, but with an entirely excited crew behind the camera.

"During the production of episodes, Saira Ramos was always the one actress to call and ask about when her parts in the show were going to post" David recalls. "She was excited to be part of the series from the very start, often helping the crew behind the scenes when she wasn't traveling all over the U.S. investing her off time with being an assistant at comicbook conventions. However, after the first three episodes, her excitement for her part seem to blossom even more when she began to realize that her characters wardrobe often presented either a prosperous evolution in learning or the death or danger of a moment. Saira always remained positive that her part in the show would grow."
And why not, for the first three seasons in the series Saira had a role in each episode as "Ms. Rachael", a time traveling messenger [and Harbinger] who seemed to assist the character of Angelika through some life-altering, tough challenges in her young life. The reason for Ms. Rachael "assisting" Angelika seemed to surface as riddles throughout the show's run, even though many of the riddles were answered by each episodes end, the message was clear that the events of Angelika's path were leading a more surreal experience.

here the series seemed truly to bloom with mature talent, was the instant starting point of stardom for Maque Garcia, who portrayed "Holly", Angelika's mother and the small town doctor and psychologist. Maque's popularity grew after season two, when she broke out into Neuvo Television as Houston's Weather Girl, the go-to commercial actress, and also Houston's local restaurant interviewer on the local Latin news network.

Within the studio, Maque has become the staple of modeling within the photography range of David. "Maque is elegant and majestic, more than any model I have ever worked with. She is also my good friend and we've worked on a ton of side projects which have helped elevate her career on television", David said. "Her addition to the series was a little accidental, but one of the best decisions I ever made to approve into the show."

o with four strong leading ladies, what can fans expect from the series finale? David says that most of the original case members noted above and additional co-stars like Mary KingEddie Enriquez, the late Alan Berkowitz, and Ellen Falterman will also be part of the film. But the door has been opened to new actors who will take part in the film and present the remaining plot lines of the show.

The production is expected to film scenes all over the state of Texas; covering the vast landscapes and deserts of the southern state. David says that most of the first and second season episodes were written to present scenes in west Texas, but with the series being a low budget show, it limited any chance of taking the production on the road. However, with a new line of interest from Europe the series film is expect to present the full story as it was intended to be in the early scripts of the show.

David added that fans of the series should expect to be blown away by a dramatic Sci-Fi presentation, and what he also hopes will be an emotional end to a fantastic five-year journey of friends who stuck it out to the end. He also added that production updates to the finale will not be posted online or on the series Facebook page, as studio policies have changed over the last four years. As of now, no release date for the film has been set, projected or discussed. We will keep you updated.

Kelly Bliechner
(Contributing Writer)