Saturday, September 12, 2015


It seems like years ago that Claire first stepped in front of the camera and played her short role in "The Secret of Angelika5" a matter of fact, it was. Since then she has become an award winning theater actor and participated in high school plays and theater shows, and fairly recently she has turned to a short stint in modeling, where she has received great reviews on her "classic" work, modeling in 1920's attire.

Recently with the studio, she has agreed to replay her role of "Ariel" in the ANGELIKA5 Movie and the lead role in CLOCKPEOPLE, both of which are currently in production. She is also set to have a cameo in the up and coming BIONICA web series [with Dru Marie Rovito] in the highly anticipated first episode, set for release this winter. Claire has grown a ton in her acting prowess over the past few years and is sure to get the attention of local film makers with her performances on camera.

And if you think that these updates are all of what to expect of this new young studio starlet, think again. She is currently in training for a special video, planned for release before October 31st!

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