Wednesday, December 28, 2016


This movie is DOGSHIT!

...And this blog entry is going to be a good reason that I will never be promoted in media as a film critic "who has good taste and delivery."

I am completely convinced that Hollywood is trying to damage Gene Roddenberry's dream and universe, by unleashing a myriad of bad writers...yeah YOU, Simon Pegg, and bad directors to produce and sell a bad idea with bad plots, no character development, shoddy presentation, and no chemistry performances that level out a new genre of CGI crap B-Films that have no foundation of creative genius and will die out as a "bad conception" as time passes on. 

What is MOST absurd, was the transparent plotline where the crew of the U.S.S. FRANKLIN was responsible for being the bad guy in the film! If Roddenberry wasn't tossing and throwing up in his coffin, I was surely tossing and turning in my bed last night...."Gravitational Slipstream???"....seriously, my trekkie folks!?!?!? were happy with this shit pile?????

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


It's just not an everyday thing to see an Independent film project get headlines in the Chinese oriented news paper in Houston, Texas, but the news about the studio project entitled SAPPHIRE SOUL, starring Nanae Volle, has already extended news coverage on the web, across seas, and gaining a strong following of Chinese fans across the nation; who are even now spreading the news about the project throughout other communities in their homeland. This new Indie film has even garnered favor from localized Texas fans who have followed the studios progress over the last seven years watching studio web series from Star Trek Beyond to The Secret of Angelika5; which have all presented a unique flair in storytelling and production formats that fans love to see over and over again.

Quintana is a well diversified film director with hundreds of hours of film work behind the camera. Many know him as an expert filmmaker and professional photographer who has done more than his fair share of helping actors/actress grow in the local Independent film community. He is often sought to produce top quality actors head shots and most of the time doesn't charge actors for the use of his talents.

"From directing to producing to promoting my Independent films to my web series, I've taken what I believe are the best courses in college to help me stay above all of the amateur filmmakers who constantly guess how to film" said Quintana. "It takes more than using a fancy camera or creating a makeshift studio with a bunch of amateurs to impress the larger audiences you want to target for your film project. If you want to film [only to stay in contact] with the local crowd and safely staying in your inner circle...then, you're never going to get noticed. Dare to aspire. Aim high and target a crowd of people you've never dared to impress; that's where the challenge is."

So, whether your a fan of Independent web series or not, you will be exposed to the tremendous effort being presented to promote SAPPHIRE SOUL as one of the first foreign films being produced in Texas and being aimed at a world market that is second to none. Leading the assault in the press is Nanae Volle, local actress and Chinese citizen, who has brought her marvelous talents to the film project and has done more than her share of promoting the film to the local Chinese news networks to get the word out about the films progress and it's message about the dangers of cell phone applications in the near future.

"She's working on several projects outside of Soul" said David Quintana, the films director and senior producer. "She has quite a dynamic range in her presence and acting. She plays both good and evil characters very well, and she is very excited about all of the projects she participates in." David also added that the leading actress is surrounded by a talented supporting cast, who have namesakes of their own and who each have personal careers outside of acting.

Young actors are also a heavy presence in the film project, the leading teen actress is Sara Mao of Katy, Texas and this is her first appearance in film. She makes up one of two actresses who play an important part of the film to establish the stories main plot. For her part in the Chinese production, Mao is coached on her use of Chinese [Mandarin] dialog throughout her scenes in the production. 

"Sara follows direction well and I am very lucky to have a talented teen like her in this production" says Quintana. "On our first meeting she was very shy and seemed nervous. But over a small amount of time she's blossomed and presented some top quality performances which have helped the film stay dark and mysterious."

As you read this blog update, the cast and crew have wrapped several important outside scenes to SOUL with very little effort. Quintana says that the production will now move to the City of Houston, where several office buildings will be used to produce the heaviest part of the script.

"We were hoping to make this a film for 2016, but with the week speeding by and most of the locations not locked down until after the New Year" added Quintana. "The film is planned to be completed in mid-January with an early February release. We have quite a ways to go to get the next phase of production down, but once we're done I am quite sure that the Chinese community will be impressed with the final results."
A release date has still not been made available.

(Contributing Writer)

Friday, December 23, 2016


The creative minds-eye of three professional freelance photographers caught the attention of our blog followers this past year. The studio blog and award winning, full color E-Magazine [Emag] have captured some of the best photographs, at some extraordinary locations, during film productions and with some sexy Texas models, all primarily on a volunteer basis, just to impress you!

Of course, the studios blogs and Emag wouldn't have prospered without the top notch writing team and investigative reporters who have also stepped out in the vast Texas landscape to cover both model and actor venues, plus some of the best Independent entertainment news for local eyes. Even our E-mag team has impressed followers with an impressive array for producing artistic page formats that have dazzled subscribers with the professional presentation that is unmatched by any other Emag in the country. As we step into 2017, the studio will be producing a video news blog for it's followers! The video blog will present local and nation news which is not being covered by the nations network media.
But the benchmark has been the studios creative touch which have been viewed by eyes from out of state, across the ocean to five different continents, 17 countries, and various heavily populated cities throughout the world, all with an impressive, interactive blog and Emag that has kept followers informed and entertained throughout it's run. The teams seamless commitment to grow and achieve bigger and better success has been the cornerstone of our recent success. We have reached up to 800,000 monthly readers and our subscribers to follow our blog as grown extensively over the past three years.

And the large part of our huge success is all due to the professional photography captured and presented for all to see. Our professional prowess at taking the best pictures for less, has had an impact by our competitors and Internet trollers who have no idea how we have been able to build our professional looking blog database of photos at little to no cost; where we have maintained a strict relationship with our models who are constantly sought out for work by other competitors and information seekers. It is no secret that many of our photos are copied and posted on other blogs and private web pages; but that does not detour our success in creating memorable works with our cameras - as the old saying goes, copying is the sincerest form of flattery.

So, with 2016 closing out, and the studio E-mag entering a new format of covering local Texas news and investigative reports for 2017, we are sure to make a convincing impression on our readers and also being identified as one of the most informative and comprehensive blogs in the United States.

We thank you for all of your continued support. God Bless all of you and have an FANTASTIC New Year!

D. R. Quintana, E-Mag Editor

Sunday, December 11, 2016


I spent the weekend following this web series, STAR TREK DARK ARMADA, which was primarily directed and produced by Robin Hiert, who is also the leading actor of the show. The show has some potential and the gradual development of heavy CGI effects was astonishing, to say the least. But with all of the positive attributes and my admiration for the creators ingenuity, its time to give the web series a real review. I know that this review may pick on some petty things, but it's all about being petty when it comes to the little details.

To begin with, I have an issue with any SciFi project or film that lacks the luster of proper military etiquette or the hint of casual familiarization with how a ship is run [in the real military]. All Star Trek canon films are run with baseline requirements for "taking a ship to sea," and with STDA I lost interest right away in it's ship's captain and crew. Where the actors may have a pretty good idea of how to use the standard Trek techno-babble from the script, their delivery is often slow and delayed; mostly due to bad editing. The camera work is often shot from right to left, which is due to using green screen throughout  80% of the episodes. Hiert tries his best to use a "moving effect" with the CGI, but as in any heavily produced special effects film, the actors are lost in their roles, looking down at their terminals or looking over at the ship's Captain to deliver their lines at weird angles; more common  for not being on a real set. Actors seem to have no real definition of the depth of the bridge or engineroom; they've got comfortable about starring at one constant direction which reflects the flat angles in which the green screen mat provides in their actual view.

Sparks and explosions are another problem with heavy uses of flat screen CGI. The actors never shake when there's an explosion, nor are there on-screen flashes that might blind them when a minor arc of energy or explosion occurs; and you never see anyone hanging on for dear life when the ship is attacked or jolted by a direct hit. For working on this web series as long as he has, I am a little perturbed that Hiert has refused to fix those issues in the acting department, especially for the season ending episode which apparently closes out the series and starts another one.

But the largest problem with this last episode was the story. Mixing a bad screenplay with bad dialog, then adding some bad acting and a very non-essential speech to the crew before jumping into a Quantum time vortex without explaining why the ship arrived heavily damaged at the other end, just really brought the whole thing down for me. There was at least another two to three minutes that could have been added to the episode to explain why the ship was damaged, and more specifically, why everyone was wounded. The worst part is, the crew proved not to be successful in their mission and the whole attempt at time travel was just to introduce another ship, but with the same crew [?], I need to find a pub!

A good point was the crisp ships CGI work and short, to the point battle scenes. There were a lot of Trek class star ships in the episode, but again I have to persist that the actual sizing of the ships, leaning largely to the known class of each and their canon related scaling, just wasn't respected by Hiert. The Nova Class science vessel was as long as an Intrepid Class Cruiser; and that is not canon at all. It might be safe to assume that Heirt did this on purpose at some point and the show's local fans receive it was canon for the STDA web series. I will not argue with anyone that the show's attempt to launch a well produced finale to the web series wasn't successful, because the Facebook promotions did get me to see it, so that is a bonus kudo for the director and his production team.

In the end, it was a fun series to watch. There were little jokes between the crew that fell flat for me, but then again the character development was not an essential part of the overall production. And like with most fan films and productions out on the web, STDA tried it's best to be clinical with the uniforms and overall look of typical STNG or ST-VOYAGER sets through the use of green screen CGI. 

I honestly hope that Heirt's next series will clean up the visual effects; the shaking of the crew [and such] while sustaining hits in battle, plus demand that his actors lay a better foundation for breathing life into their characters, instead of just reading the lines off camera. But it all starts with better storytelling!

[3 of 5 Stars]

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The studio released the first production stills to the film project which is the first in a set of planned Chinese films in production, all set in Texas. The film stars relatively unknown Independent actors, Nanae Volle and Eddie Enriquez, but plans to hold pure luster within the heavy sections of Chinese oriented audiences throughout the state.

Soul stars Nanae Volle as " An Na," a Director of Marketing for cell phone applications in Shanghai, China, who is attempting to purchase a new application from a foreign competitor that allows the user the ability to travel to different locations on the earth within a realistic and peaceful virtual world with the aide of a special blue tooth device, at little cost.

However, during the applications testing phase, Volle's character learns that there's a minor glitch with the application [or] that there might be a more sinister side to the application by it's developer, played by Enriquez. The film project will present the vast Texas landscape as the virtual world, apparently "recorded from the memory engrams" of several 'test users' that helps give a realistic preview of the users destination; presenting fresh cool air, fresh smells, and vast farm landscapes, factors that are not readily available in the heafty city landscapes of China's busy city environments.

Volle's character stumbles into a plethora of clues that lead her to the insight that the application knows a dark secret about her past. The knowledge of possibly "robbing the user of their memories" becomes a potential threat to it's developer; who has programmed safeguards within the blue tooth device to advise him of the potential threat. The rest of the story is a cat and mouse game of who can outsmart the other in this semi-SciFi/dramatic film.

"We were hampered by rainy weather issues during the first weekend of shooting" said David Quintana, director. "This past weekend a cold front moved in, but the overcast sky was perfect for what we needed in the film. The actors were excited to get started and finally getting to perform in front of the cameras."

David says that the film presents a large city landscape throughout most of it's run. This past weekends filming concerned the Texas terrain, filmed primarily in Montgomery, Texas. He claims that the film will have very little production efforts outside of Houston's city landscape.

"I know that a lot of Independent films are produced in wooded areas, leading many to expect a slasher movie-type presentation, but Soul is far from that type of film." Quintana added.

Sapphire Soul has a short shooting schedule, but is planned to be a feature film. The movie rating is expected to earn a comfortable PG13 rating for violence and sexual situations. A release date has not been confirmed.

 MMA CrossFire 

Friday, December 9, 2016


STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE - [PG13] is definitely one of the BEST SciFi movies I've seen in quite a while! I was given a special preview about a week ago and I was COMPLETELY blown away by the original story, visual effects, and take on making a prequel to the original trilogy, parts 4, 5, and 6. 

This was NOT a J.J. Abrams disaster tale, filled full of useless nostalgia and recycled old actors; this film has class, style and best of all, a strong story arc which will lead to a sequel and possibly a better angled trilogy (???). Targeted with brilliant new actors and very little swiping from one scene to another, SWRO surely brings eloquently detailed filmmaking back to the big screen...well, I saw it on the screen I have at home. There is something NOT Star Wars about it though, don't expect to see anything far too familiar with the storytelling, save the ships and technology which have become the staple of the franchise. There are certainly darker plotlines and a hopeless trail of intrigue that damages the certain eventual fate of the characters that are developed in the film.

arth Vader is as menacing with his words as he is in stature in this film, a poignant delight for older SW fans. There is nothing "empty to see" about him, save the movie reinforces the diabolical side of the empire and what Vader does to seduce a more promising future for the Empire.

On a final note, there was something more "punching in the gut" about this film than "Force Awakens"; with likeable developed characters and a mission I really cared about, seeing them through to the end...kind of. A much-much better film with a convincing story adaptation ELEMENTS that should have been adhered to with SW VII. 

☆☆☆☆ [4 of 5 Stars]

Saturday, November 26, 2016


The new and last issue of 2016 gives great insight into next years prime web series which has garnered a whole new line of fans since the studio decided to press on with production, completely distancing itself from a set of guidelines set forth by Paramount earlier this year. MINOTAUR is a highly anticipated series which has gotten more positive reviews than expected, making it a target for Internet trolls, scam artists, and ridiculous film critiques before the first episode has ever been released to audiences.
Recently, the Internet has been filled with information concerning the series and indicating that the entire project is a planned spoof, very much identifying it as a half-assed offspring of Galaxy Quest, and that is where the studio believes the project has been given it's own strength towards waiting audiences; that MINOTAUR is proving to be a huge mystery to almost everyone out on the web, forcing just about anyone to guess what the show's all about, bringing a dark cloud to the minds of those wanting to see the show even more.

"When we first began to script the series in 2011, we weren't sure about how to market the series during it's initial production period." said shows creator, D. R. Quintana. "We had several re-writes, many casting changes and location adjustments before we even started production and everything was becoming an unnerving new decision to make. Suddenly, the old bad guys were turned into new bad guys with a different approach to how they are presented without damaging what fans used to know about them."

Quintana continued on to state that the series started to breath a life on it's own just a few years ago. "We felt that [in theory] we had to completely separate ourselves from all of the 'fan production crap' that was floating out there in the web. Indie fan films were aiming more towards the nostalgia of the more known Star Trek Universe which was originally produced in the 1960s than trying to do some thing completely original to take SciFi fans to the next level. So at first, we started to change the way things were described, then changed a little of this and that, and before we knew it, we were immediately on a different path. Then we realized that this was a new level in the game, something immediately different that brought fresh air to old ideas."
"Unfortunately, we also learned that there were groups and individuals who wanted a piece of the pie and become part of the production" continues Quintana. "Of course their insistence to helping out came when we were already done with most of the production efforts to the first three episodes. When the outside help was turned down, the trolling began...mostly in an attempt to push an early release. But it was an unsuccessful attempt at bullying progress."

So in professional fashion, the primary focus of the series has been prepped for the young leading actress who will have to fill heavy shoes in the new universe; that is Dru Marie Rovito, who takes on the role as LT Jadrian Quest, formally occupied by Bernice Tremblay in Star Trek Beyond.

"The script was a challenge" says Rovito. "I was never a fan of Star Trek and only started to study William Shatner's 'Captain Kirk' for a stage play in Pasadena, Texas, when I had my first real exposure to the Star Trek culture. I've seen STB and enjoyed the voyages of Captain Quest taking part in stories which tie up to this series. I've done my best in hopes that future fans will enjoy these new adventures and carry on the SciFi tradition of keeping the spirit alive."

And with keeping the series spirit alive, this new E-mag issue presents the entire cast to subscribers! A view of the coolest original bridge set constructed to appease future fans, actors liner notes, and of course, production stills of the first episode.

If you feel you are missing out on all of the excitement and news, you probably are. You can change that by being a subscriber to the hottest e-magazine in Texas. You must be a known Indie film director, producer, investor or actor to subscribe. Each page of the studio e-mag has dazzling photos of your favorite Indie actor, actress, and model; with liner notes from each individual taken during video production.

The studio e-magazine is dedicated to largely representing actor and entertainment news for the entire state of Texas, their opinions, and their attributes to Indie film projects which have been produced in the state of Texas, produced by Quantum Storm Pictures, or critiqued and reviewed by the studio.

To become a subscriber for 2017, you will have to wait until mid-December to sign up. Just follow the advertisements presented at the offset of each studio release or simply click here to see more details about subscription terms.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The power of Internet networking and targeting the indie film culture in Texas alone has proven to be a milestone which was easily attainable by the studios investigative news teams through an informative, ground breaking blog which has continuously provided area readers with updates on upcoming film projects, movie reviews, upcoming actor/actress performances, area investigative reporting, and editorials which seem to strike a nerve with readers; who just happen to help pass-the-word about the blog and it's attractiveness to keep readers coming back for more.

The studios Quantum Storm E-Magazine has out lived every of the Texas Independent Film magazine formats, now entering it's sixth year with an online entertainment magazine which is not only ground breaking in it's presentation, but a fundamental success due to the colorful professional photography from three photographers [two in other states] and a staff of six writers who have dove deep into the Texas film industry to provide the best inside information to keep area filmmakers, producers and investors informed about the temperament of the locally established film community.

However, the studio started as just another film studio, producing low budget films and rebooted web series which has gained a strong following on the web with over six web series and a handful of short films that have done nothing but entertain and enlighten film buffs to the professional presentation and never ending plethora of story/plot ideas which have assisted local actors into that next phase of breaking into serious network productions and fashion magazines. All of these traits delivered in a studio team effort which seems to defy the odds but deliver with a sharp punch when needed.

As the studio steps into the Thanksgiving Holiday, the studio would like to thank all of the subscribers and blog readers who have helped the blog to reach massive numbers on the web. This new level of success is sure to bring in some special surprises for the readers of this blog by the end of the year. The studio hopes to never to let you down when you stop by.

Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Houston has had it's long-ass-list of Indie film flops, many of which I wouldn't even dare review on this blog to contaminate your lives, and unfortunately this mega-mega flop is right down there with them. 

HER CRY [(2013) from Dark Lightning Films] is no doubt another slap in the face to real filmmakers in the local area. This hour long schlep of crap won a couple of awards, one being a Houston REMI for best "mystery" and "thriller"... REMI's are the prime example of "participation awards" given to anyone who submits a home video as an indie film.

Directed by Damir Catic, HER CRY tries to tell the Urban Legend of La LLorona, a Mexican story concerning a female spirit who appears during rain storms and thunder claps and tries to drown people who hear her cries out in the wind. The story is brought out through "found footage" and is not brilliant in it's adaptation of the legend, nor in it's screenplay. This is definitely a "hold a camera in you hand" type of film; don't expect anything else out of it.

I'm not sure what it is about having shaky camera footage and bad sound dubbing that was supposed to make this amateur film scary, but I wasted a little over an hour of my life [89 minutes] just trying to get through to the end credits. The acting is atrocious and definitely not what I expected to see from one of Houston's "brightest award winners" for that year...or any other year for that matter.
The absolute worst part of this film was the lighting; many segments just in the opening scenes which were poorly shot on camera without any attempt at bringing light to scene...a dire attempt to use darkness as a scary tool, I'm sure. There was use of an infrared night camera [of sorts] for some shots, but the techniques used with it were very poor and not thought out well at all. Some child actors were brought into the film who seemed to have no training or concept of working on film, seemed to give the film an amateur feel that brought no charisma to any scene at any time. These big failures make me wonder who accepts a film for preview by the awards team in Houston.
Again, the blame for this crap film goes directly to the production staff and it's director. Editing was inconsistent and the sound jumped from static to clear sound; to muffling; to garbling; leaving me with the impression that two to three people were involved in the final editing, and just trying to put something together to complete a film.

In the end, the film had a clever idea in a story but it was delivered with an overall feel of "an awkward kindergarten play that deserved an award for participating in a localized event where the production team were lucky that all of the actors just happened to showed up at the last minute."

I would honestly warn you not to waste your time on this little indie "train that couldn't." If you decide to want to watch it, you'll have to pay to see it.

[2 of 5 Stars]


 MMA CrossFire 

Monday, November 14, 2016


The studio is proud to announce that many-many viewers from overseas are anxious to see production updates on the studio Independent film; SAPPHIRE SOUL, starring Nanae Volle, Bing Paulson, and Eddie Enriquez. The planned studio project is expected to be entirely produced in Chinese for the local Houston-Chinese community which has never had an Independent film compromised of Chinese actors; so the excitement is brewing..

Resources for the film are plentiful and there are investors willing to assist to get the feature underway in production. The film is not expected to break any new barriers, but does promised to bring good entertainment and suspense to the audiences who watch it. The SciFi is expected to run over an hour and a half and introduced a few surprises with its planned special effects.

Under the direction of D. R. Quintana, the acting team will be in good hands and the screenplay should be more than above average of anything produced in Houston's Indie Film Scene the recent years. The production team is also hoping to enter the feature in several of next years festivals throughout Texas and the nation as well.
There has not been a date set for starting production, but the studio is hoping to have most of the filming completed before Christmas. "I really want to have the first look at the feature before New Years" said the confident director. "The first audience screening for Soul will have a remarkable influence on whether we will add a change in the features ending or perhaps a change on it's initial start." Quintana added that many of the intended special effects and visual angles in the film were learned from previous studio projects, which have proven to make certain scenes memorable.

However, the studio is still planning on not providing American ears or eyes to captions or voice overs. "At least not for the first six to eight months after it's premiere" added Quintana. "We want this feature to be exclusive to the Chinese communities first before we begin to consider an Americanized version of the film. But it will take time to see whether our decision is good or bad. We haven't even reached a point where the cameras have started to roll."

Kellie B.
Contributing Writer

 MMA CrossFire 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


The studio released news that pre-production steps have been taken to start casting for the next Independent full feature film by the studio. The movie is currently entitled "SAPPHIRE SOUL" and is planned to be shot in Houston, Texas this winter. The movie loosely stars Chinese actors; Nanae Volle and Bing Paulson, who were both presented in this past Novembers issue of the QSE. The film will also star Houston Local actor & veteran Eddie Enriquez and a cameo by Mao Lora, who pulls double duty as the music coordinator.

SAPPHIRE SOUL will be produced as a SciFi/mystery, is planned to be produced & directed by D. R. Quintana and will be shot in five days starting in December. A release date for the production is being targeted for just before the new year. Sapphire will mark the studios fourth full feature film and the directors second international film production.

This will be the first time for all of the cast and crew to work together on this project, leaving plenty of room for extra's and assistant crew members to help get production started. The movies director has stated that Sapphire will be produced completely in Chinese and currently does not have any plans to produce subtitles for an American release. The reasoning behind not having English subtitles for the films premiere is the studios attempt to target the local Chinese community which has been devoid of Chinese Indie films in Houston, Texas.
"We have a cast who is willing to step up and face the challenge" said Quintana. "A lot of time was spent on the script, parts were written in to make the actors feel right at home with their roles in the film, and everyone is more than ready to make the complete production a huge success during it's premiere." The writer/director did say that the plot to the film concerns a change in application technology in the near future which puts a lead character's life in danger.

The studio is planning to release at least two trailers to promote the film to Chinese audiences prior to it's premiere date. We will give you updates to the production schedule and the finalized release dates when it becomes available.

[Kellie B., Contributing Writer]


 MMA CrossFire 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


It seems that in a short period of time that cracks within the actors team of Zombie Reign Revelation [ZRR] are starting to form, weakening a once strong union of cast and crew who worked on a project that went under fire by the San Antonio Current, one of it's notorious movie critics, and two Internet trolls.

Very recently, it has come to the attention of the Quantum Storm E-Mag [QSE] that several actors have come under fire by the ZRR director, Ramiro Avendano and three of it's inside production team members, for openly voicing some dissatisfaction and major concerns regarding the failed film premiere on October 16, 2016 in San Antonio, TX; which presented an unfinished, unedited, and lack luster pilot to the cast & crew's friends, fans, and a news affiliate who attended.

Evidence also appeared from various actors that the ZRR production at Holy Knight Productions LLC [headed by Avendano] actually had signed contracts with some of the actors and crew after all after initially claiming on a video interview that they did not; keep in mind that Holy Knight Productions is no actual studio or establishment for its team, its just a name. These contracts clearly stated that actors would be paid for their services under a "deferred" status and after the pilot episodes production was complete. One member of the crew, who maintained a professional courtesy to help Avendano with special effects makeup, was paid large sums of money through one line producer only after complaining to Ramiro that he had to cover the cost of materials, while other local actors weren't paid for for their work at all after providing services and working on their own time without pay or assistance of any kind.

Actors have resorted to threaten to, or have filed, "Cease and Desist" letters to Avendano to come clean about the status of the production, where their copies of the pilot episode are [which were promised and never delivered], and for Avendano to present records of any money raised during the post production which he used for travel, lodging, meals and such for a recent trip to Los Angeles, CA; all apparently taken at the last minute to meet with who he claimed were "big people" to help "fix" the monstrosity that was presented on October 16, 2016 - and of course, Avendano made the trip alone! 

- Cease & Desist Orders - The first step is to make contact with the people involved in an attempt to settle the use of someone's image amicalby. The second step is taking someone to civil court and letting a judge figure it out

Avendano was given five days to respond to the first step "Cease and Desist Letter" and chose not to explain himself to the cast member(s) that wanted answers. This lack to communicate is currently sending some actors into minor panic. Some actors are starting to claim that this is the start of Avendano preparing "to run" as he is still accountable for paying back actors who lent him money to make other trips to Las Vegas, NV; all of these lending and promises to pay back could be identified as a film budget. Some actors claimed that Avendano has a niche for making people feel sorry for his lack of funding and helped him out by pitching in [$100 here, $300 there], which can also be considered a form of income. What remains to be seen is if Avendano planned to share any of this information openly to his cast at all.

One actor, who has well established contacts in the local San Antonio Latin community, feels that a modeling career could be in jeopardy should the uncompleted film be released with their image in a "half-assed produced" film. I am sure that no one wants that kind of reputation while trying to build up an acting career through the local Independent film scene. But when Avendano was approached by QSE about the claims of the initial processes of the "cease and desist" request, he claims to have passed it off to his lawyers instead of just making a simple phone call to the worried actor to explain what was actually going on.

I am forced to ask myself, "Why didn't Avendano just make a simple phone call to an actors that had questions about ZRR's production?" - I thought this guy supported all of his actors and crew; that the project wasn't a scam. And "Why is there now a rippling effect that is bringing down the cast and crew to point fingers at one another and now claiming that they did have contracts with Avendano, after most of the production staff stated, during a video interview with QSE, that contracts never existed?" I'm forced to ponder if Tim Miller's accusations of 2015 may now have some weight; but that he just pushed the allegations too far by creating false evidence to his discovery[?]. It seems that part of the Miller's truth is starting to surface concerning the existence of contracts and unkept promises.

As a poignant sign of true immaturity throughout the inner ZRR production team [and it's director/creator] several actors have been removed from Facebook pages and/or have been blocked...for what reasons, I am sure I can't even begin to comprehend. So, is Avendano now firing ZRR actors through cowardly silence? "How can you fire someone on contract that you promised to pay?" and the best question of all, "Does removing someone as a Facebook friend mean that he plans to removal ALL of their scenes from ZRR?" - The lunacy of Avendano's silent ignorance is starting to show, folks! Cease and Desist Requests are part of the respected acting forte' in Independent films; I've received a few in my tenure as director and professional photographer, always adhereing to the actors request before production ended.

Even after I was asked to help bring reason to Avendano's inaction of their requests, Avendano considered to put blame on me for getting involved in a matter that was considered "internal", but he still continues not to accept blame for his failure in ZRR's premiere event, nor taking sixty seconds in his day to contact an actor about some minor concerns. Shoot, even I was removed from several ZRR production team member Facebook pages and Avendano himself...all due to recent blog posts where the QSE presented only the truth to it's readers...but I promise that I haven't lost ANY sleep over it.

And remember that Avendano has created this tumbling effect all on his own. Not supporting the actors who devoted their time and talents by providing a simple phone call to everyone, having production meetings without spreading the news to actors who couldn't attend - due to some inner cast squabbling, and again promising to have a completed project after his return from Los Angeles, CA, that still isn't complete...but needing a few things here and there.

I have promised to re-critique ZRR and release a more comprehensive review of the pilot when it is finally complete; that means, when all of the missing pieces are put in place and the desired "legal use" music is added to the pilot. But until then, the QSE Review stays up and presents only the truth to the viewers and the E-mag's subscribers.

The QSE's involvement into this new post is a clear attempt to protect the right of the actors and ANY future actors who plan to work on questionable studio projects. It is our opinion that Avendano has failed to stay true to his word, keep his entire team involved, and do the right thing when Avendano is questioned on his motifs...communicate!

Avendano posted on his Facebook page - "You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore" - Christopher Columbus

Cute...and I retort with, "This could have all been prevented if you had the courage to make a sixty second phone call...a mature man faces his mistakes with a vengeance." - D. R. Quintana

Ride Easy, My Friends

D. R. Quintana


 MMA CrossFire 

Friday, October 28, 2016


Nanae Volle is the first Chinese Actress to grace the cover of the QSE! She's stepping into the world of the local Independent Film Scene with a score of four films to tantalize the local film market with her presence. She is wonderfully filled with positive energy, a great smile, and smashing looks.
What's best is, as a model, she's ridiculously fun to shoot, promoting fantastic flair from one snap to another. She is successful at everything she does and she has not let the Chinese language barrier slow her acting career down at all. Meeting with her during hour two hour shoot was just one of the smoothest operations I have ever been exposed to and probably one of the most memorable to write down in my history as a photographer.

We expect to see great things from this new comer, not only in acting, but in anything she sets her mind to do. Nanae can be found all over the web, on Facebook, and her in this months issue of the QSE. Nanae's hair and makeup were produced by the talented Bing Paulson, also a Chinese native who is also making a name for herself through some impressive work posted on her Facebook page. Be sure to take the time and see a tons of Bing's makeup and special effects makeup work.

If you feel you are missing out on all of the excitement and news, you probably are. You can change that by being a subscriber to the hottest e-magazine in Texas. You must be a known Indie film director, producer, investor or actor to subscribe. Each page of the studio e-mag has dazzling photos of your favorite Indie actor, actress, and model; with liner notes from each individual taken during video production.
The studio e-magazine is dedicated to largely representing actor and entertainment news for the entire state of Texas, their opinions, and their attributes to Indie film projects which have been produced in the state of Texas, produced by Quantum Storm Pictures, or critiqued and reviewed by the studio.

To become a subscriber for 2017, you will have to wait until mid-December to sign up. Just follow the advertisements presented at the offset of each studio release or simply click here to see more details about subscription terms.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Recently, I was exposed to several film projects that all claim to "have a contact" or "know a guy" in the business that will give their project a lift into the realm of television life. But folks, the real truth is that you can't just buy a ticket to Los Angeles and walk into an office with your idea, EVEN IF you know a special effects makeup man or know a couple of sound effects guys in the business.

And if you're passing this story around and your not listed in the Writers Guild or Screen Writers Guild, nor have any SAG/AFTRA credentialed projects under your belt, well...quite frankly...your wasting your time and your presenting some true colors that you don't know what you're talking about in the film and television business. Anyone who tells you otherwise is....well...a bigger idiot.

Talk to veteran actors within your area, they know the gig. They'll tell you to get an agent, be part of a union, and to do your best to be part of the projects that endure in success. Bragging that you have a good idea that has been seen by the right people just doesn't hold water and simply writing and winning local awards won't pull any real weight where it matters most. But don't take my word for it, read about submitting your work to the Writers Guild here.
 the MINOTAUR and BIONICA Blogs!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


SHAM LEVEL 5+ - Stay Away Folks!
Well, the good news is that a film DOES exists...but the fact surfaced upon the opening night that Zombie Reign - Revelation [ZR] was just NOT complete, NOT remotely produced on time, nor did it impress many of the veteran actors or visitors who attended the pilots premiere and sat through this ill fated monstrosity. It's hard to believe that after reporting that three hours of footage was filmed during production, it appears that inadequate editing was the doom of the one hour premiere. After having tons of support and promotion to vindicate a new chance to prove himself as an accredited director and filmmaker, Ramiro Avendano, dropped the ball on his biggest night ever.

Reports from some of ZR's cast members say that they were greatly disappointed with the overall premiere. Even the projects director, editor, and producer, Avendano, showed up late and claimed to have been making changes to the pilot up to the final hours prior to the shows release. The pilots demise was NOT the fault of the actors involved however, but there were strong negative statements regarding bad editing, bad pacing, no audio throughout spots in the pilots premiere, and moments where the audio and video just cut off and stayed black for several minutes. Dark moments in the theater were filled with commentary by cast members Christopher Garrett and Bobby Osborn, who tried to keep the festivities on a positive note, sharing moments of history behind the production of the film to keep everyone in attendance occupied until the pilot restarted playing.

Even after months of promising that the film existed and that it was complete, Avendano's attempts to deliver a polished project just proved to fail when it mattered most. And remember, this project had TONS of talent in it that ANY Independent film director would have LOVED to have at their disposal! But ZR's failure was accompanied with a plethora of inner turmoil that was building between production members just a week prior to the show's premiere. What started the productions downfall was a last minute change in the venues location and a decision to move the premiere to the The Alamo Draft House in San Antonio, TX; changing to only one showing of the pilot and not the two or three showings promised in promo ads at the original location. These changes in venue, plus some additional drama concerning some 'finger pointing' regarding the shift to a new location, led me to not attend the premiere, fearing the worst.

Cause and affect had it's moment as Avendano failed to produce the required Blue Ray diskette to provide the projector supervisor at the Draft House to ensure a smooth presentation of the pilot. "Skips in the the sound alone just tended to make seeing the film unbearable to view" said one actor. At the point of having everyone switch to a new location and not being able to produce mass DVDs for sales [as promised] should have forced Avendano's hand to cancel the premiere and set another date, just to buy some time to fix things that needed to be fixed. But he chose to "cross that dark channel with a ship filled with holes" and he saw the entire sinking of his dream while standing safely on a sandy shore. When confronted about the premieres failure, Avendano replied, "I see mistakes being made...but I do not see failure. Its complete, audio got screwed but that's fixable." Well, in my own response as a film director, I would remind Avendano that the Superbowl is played only once and he lost his own chance to win big at a championship game he created.

Kinder hearts still loyal to Avendano's dream, have reported a "successful premiere" throughout Facebook with after photos to support friendly faces and smiles, sticking to the idea that at least "the video looked good." But the truth is that the dream failed miserably in the hands of man who decided it was best to keep the productions progress a personal secret and not even attempt to keep his production team updated with visual previews of completed scenes, through weekly "production meetings" that were useless and time consuming. This is not intended to be a slanderous review of ZR, but the director seemingly did not report the truthful status of the film to his team, who might have stepped up and insist that Ramiro reschedule the premiere. In the end, Zombie Reign is a film that needs extensive work to salvage. Perhaps Avendano requires bonafide help to get it done right, before the implosion of his [still not vindicated] claim of being a filmmaker & director, actually begins. 

This low rating is for not presenting a completed film during it's premiere.

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