Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Starting off the new year with a bang, the studios vaunted Micro Photography studio has been busy producing some incredible work for your enjoyment. An incredible history of work has captured the faces of over 421 models in five years, many of which have been used professionally in the commercial field.

The studios CEO, David Quintana, has done more than his fare share of taking photos, including the collaboration and production of a new LATIN MODEL INC E-Magazine which is now in the works. The new e-magazine will feature veteran Latin models and new comers as well. The studio is excited to open a new era of photography formats in 2016 by entering video snippets of each photo shoot with 7.1 surround sound.

If you feel you are missing out on all of the excitement and news, you probably are. You can change that by being a subscriber to the hottest e-magazine in Texas. Each page has dazzling photos of your favorite actor, actress, and model; with liner notes from each individual taken during the video production.

The studio E-Magazine is dedicated to largely presenting actors and news for the South-East Texas region, their opinions, and their attributes to film projects which have either been produced by Q Storm Productions or critiqued and reviewed by the studio.

To become a subscriber, follow the advertisements presented at the offset of each studio release here on this blog. So, be sure not to miss out on the January release of the Quantum Storm Magazine and all of it's articles, new releases or it's special attachments!

Friday, January 1, 2016


The studio released news today that a new SciFi web series is now in full production, marking the studios new journey in film production. MAELORA will launch as the studios second web series being filmed entirely in Montgomery, Texas, as a follow up production to the highly successful "Secret of Angelika5" web series which ran for five years and is now in production as a full feature film.

Season One for the series is expected to run for nine, twenty minute episodes which will introduce a mysterious look into the soul of humans and the purpose for which it serves in ones life. Clearly a new Sci-Fi adventure with a paranormal edge, the series will introduce a new line of leading actors for the show; presenting previous actors from the studios ambitious "Angelika5" series as "cameos" or "guest stars."

The shows director, D. R. Quintana, feels that MAELORA will have a plot line filled with deeper emotional content than his previous work. He adds that the cast is smaller, the stories are "more centered" on developing the leading characters, and the mysteries will stay in line with presenting a dark, paranormal experience which might be seen as a prelude to a "zombie war" type web series. MAELORA is expected to have a plethora of guest stars, and extras, with local actors from Montgomery and Houston, who are hungry to work in front of a camera in a "guest starring" role and build up their demo reels with professional screenplay and directing.

MAELORA stars Lawrence McKinney as Sheriff Ezekiel Lightfoot, a lawman who is forced to handle some strange paranormal activity in his small town, in an attempt to try to keep things "normal" during a strange time in the town.

Lawrence made quite an impression with Quintana during a meeting and eventual audition which left both of them working on the initial development of the series. The director says that McKinney is a talented actor that seems to grow and grow in all of his work, and only expects the best performances from the actor during the series run. McKinney is said to be very excited about the web series and all it will have to offer during its run.

Assisting McKinney as the shows small town Doctor and health-nut guru, is Juniper Jairala; portraying a character who works with the sheriff to help the local towns folk "adjust" to a new way of life, due to a paranormal experience which is now effecting the world. Jairala landed the role after meeting with the director and presenting, not only a large array of photos and demo reels presenting a professional prowess in all of her work, but she also presented a sincere and committed liking to the web series story line and all that it has to offer during it's run.

MAELORA is planned for an initial release on March 16, 2016, with a promotional web resource on Facebook, produced to present behind-the-scenes photos and liner notes before the series release to feature other actors and locations used during the production of the series. Actors who would like to audition for "guest starring" roles should submit resumes and demo reel links to the studio here.

Kelly Bliechner
(Contributing Writer)