Thursday, March 3, 2016


The studio released sneak peeks for the new BIONICA studio project which has now entered full production. On the cover of the studios vaunted award winning e-magazine is Dru Marie Rovito, the leading actress of the studio project which is garnering a large number of Internet fans around the globe. Production on this mini-series has not skipped a beat, even after going into a long hiatus of holding back production notes and promotional advertising for over a year.

Over the course of Rovito's involvement in the studio project, the writer of the series changed course on presenting the characters abilities in a more secretive and clandestine approach, giving the actress more room to present the characters true nature in using her abilities complete missions, instead of just showing off what she is able to do. The studio has always claimed that the series will present the character more as a spy, than a teacher or a science project that has to be presented showing her abilities to appease Bionic fans and Bionic fandom.

Dru is said to be handling the promotional aspects of the project very well, and will be more than pleased to be given the reigns to pursue other projects when the mini-series is complete. Viewers can expect to see at least six episodes of this mini series starting in July. The series will have several trailers and a super sneak peek by the end of Spring. 

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