Thursday, April 28, 2016


This is an editorial by David Quintana & is to be considered as "liner notes" for future reference; for openly sharing his opinion to the subscribers of this e-magazine. His opinion is not the opinion of the cast and crew who work with him on his film projects.

As of 4/30/2016, we received news that "Zombie Reign" was completed by the team in San Antonio and that Mr. Ramiro Avendano has filed a lawsuit against the San Antonio Current! - As a filmmaker myself, I wish the team nothing but the best in their current and future film projects.
Numbers don't lie, this issue and post has garnered a ton
 of visits from fans and subscribers to this blog in only 
three days! We thank you for stopping by!
Last May, Issue #33 hit the streets running, and since then, the whole idea behind the format of this studio e-magazine took a huge turn for covering issues which has hit filmmakers across the state with the constant bullying, trolling, and stalking that happens from project to project by dramatic area actors and extras. But none have crossed the line more than a few prejudice film extras who put it in their minds, and in their personal lives, to make one amateur filmmakers life a living hell by spreading rumors, gossip, and using slander through a bonafide online magazine to ruin any chance the filmmaker may have had to film his dream project and produce "Zombie Reign" [ZR].

In late 2014 when this story first landed on my lap, I initially took a hard stance against ZR's director/creator, Ramiro Avendano. Of course, I was running with some of the slanderous comments being openly made against him by some other blog writers [more especially Tim Miller] - none of whom were reachable for this issue of the e-magazine; primarily because they knew better. However, their influence made me look into all of the accusations and investigate the matter further - I am a licensed Private Investigator. I learned that most of the comments against Mr. Avendano were exaggerated, most were lies without any merit, and boldly enough, the remaining accusations landed on the sharp edge of a prejudice and racism against Mr. Avendano for simply being a Latino filmmaker who was working closely with Caucasian actresses, sometimes "too close" as stated by some of these narrow minded extremists/trolls.
Perfect example of a conspiracy. Tim Miller posted twice on a blog apparently 
run by Johnny Macabre on the internet. Miller comments with two different 
accounts, but with the same IP address. Why? Tim Miller seems to use various 
alias emails on the web...but why? And why does Miller have to give precise  
clarification and info on where to look for a phone number? Is he in cahoots with
Lepper on their attack on Ramiro? Why did Lepper become involved in a
drama event from out of state? - more so, a hobby film production?

[This comment was changed as John Lepper may be an actual person and
not Tim Miller, as I once suspected they may be the same person - DRQ

Even after our team was alleged to be "baised" to Mr. Avendano, we contacted many San Antonio actors and actresses, talked to promoters and supporters, many of whom were witnesses to many of the little miracles which gave ZR a good chance to run as a solid amateur film production. Take into consideration the lone fact that Mr. Avendano had the San Antonio City Councils "Director of Film San Antonio" eating out of his hand by being granted permission [via permits] to film in front of the F-R-O-N-T of the Alamo!...not across the street or two blocks down the street...but in FRONT of the Alamo!! If anything, it proves that Mr. Avendano's project had vision - and in the movie business you have to have great vision to sell your idea, even if you doing stuff without a legitimate budget.

But as mentioned many times before in a prior blog, some of the extras wanted [in fact] demanded MORE from Mr. Avendano than to just continue to work with him on the project. Under the extreme pressure of seeing a lot of his work fall apart, Mr. Avendano had weak moments where he stated things that were slightly exaggerated. One was working and talking with another studio; to help fund his project. Well, he had indeed met with the other studio, but just exaggerated the outcome of the meeting - At this point, this project meant a lot to Mr. Avendano and he'd just about do or say anything to try and buy time to complete a pilot/teaser trailer to help support a pitch to some possible supporters. That's not a bad thing, right? - Of course not, filmmakers do it all the time; sometimes filming five or six minute trailers to help sell their movie ideas. Shit, in Houston people pump five to six thousands of dollars just to film a five minute short film...I don't know why, but they do.
According to "drama troll logic", this resturant is presenting an
illegal ad on their storefront. Those little pepper guys are copyrighted
material and makes this store "a bunch of liars" because they used them.
Well, in this issue you will see that some film trailers/promo video were shot and released for ZR. Usually when a trailer/promo video is shot, it IS proof of the start of production. Lord knows I do it all the time; I hype news, create promo ads by using photo shopped works from other sources; hell, I even use video snippets of royalty free video and music to complete some of my film doesn't make me a crook or a thief. Everyone does it to support their film and from time to time, make a little cash on the side. But a lot of Mr. Avendano's one-time supporters didn't see it that way. They wanted big cameras, trailers, hotel rooms, catered food, big lights, a bit of this and that, and if he didn't have all of that then he was a liar...all of them forgetting that Mr. Avendano was an amateur filmmaker.

The funny thing is...I cannot begin to list all of the things that Mr. Avendano has been accused of doing; but the small list is sending text messages he is claimed to have sent, lives he has ruined, some allegations of theft, sexual aggravated assaults, mayhem, attempted's all just hog wash and a load of shit! Even during the investigation for information of this issue, we received a load of misleading information via "anonymous sources" - which also means, "print this so we can sue you later", and my favorite, "I have information for you, the truth, but I'm too chicken shit to send you my email or phone number to talk about it" - which meant that none of his accusers had shit to offer as evidence to their claims against Mr. Avendano, which in my mind meant that of this led to a conspiracy. 
All of these bozo's claimed to have worked with 
Mr. Avendano as part of his production team; but  
in fact, they were only extras on set.
Keep a fresh mind that charges have never been filed against Mr. Avendano and he was never taken to court over anything. Mr. Avendano never asked for money, nor stole from fellow actors or producers. No one has ever filed rape charges or charged Mr. Avendano of attempted murder. All of this is in this issue for you to see. You will also see some of the blog statements made by nefarious writers who posted material that slanders Mr. Avendano, none of which could not be used in court against him anyway as it was released on the Internet.
We received word that Tim Miller doesn't think we can trace
when he comes to our blog. Here is proof from Google that
Miller did visit us; we will keep his IP address from release
for his privacy.

The worst part of this whole mess is a large chunk of the San Antonio Film Scene and the cities own online news magazine "The Current" believed the slanderous bunch of "merry trolls" and helped to bring down an innocent man. I feel that "The Current" owes a HUGE apology towards Mr. Avendano, and give him the due justice to retract their slanderous magazine article. Furthermore, I feel that Mr. Avendano has some hellacious suing that needs to done through the legal offices of the District Attorney to shut down the merry trolls and to also also identify them openly in court. Why, because some of these "merry trolls" are making money off the slandering that is going around - and unfortunately for all of the anti-Ramiro slanderers, that IS against the law!

Thanks for reading my opinion on this matter!...

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


The studio proudly released news that production on a new full length feature film is now in production. The feature stars Eddie Enriquez, Maque Garcia, Saira Ramos, and introduces the studios own director/writer, David Quintana in his acting debut.

The new film is a Latin feature is a dark drama filled with some paranormal situations that develop into clairvoyant insight. The film will be completely performed in Spanish by the cast and will be presented in the theatrical release without subtitles.

Piss Warm Chango will be filmed in Houston, San Antonio, and Del Rio, Texas during the summer of 2016. More news to follow at a later time.