Friday, May 20, 2016


These exclusive video interviews provide insight to the truth about three events that happened during the pre-production phase of a television pilot which was being produced in San Antonio, TX. Allegations and slander through a local city arts magazine hindered production on the pilot episode of ZOMBIE REIGN.

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It took a year, but all of the allegations made against the team of Indie film makers was proven to be false. The persons who started a slander campaign against the production team, through the use of internet blogs, have chosen to take down their slanderous posts and leave the burden of the allegations set on the city arts magazine which released a slanderous, character assassinating issue last year.

The videos are Windows Media formatted and may not play on iPhones!!!

I'd like to extend the courtesy of apologizing to Mr. Ramiro Avendano and his team for not taking action soon enough, to help defend his cause. Of course, I live closer to Houston, leaving me little room to extend the ability of my e-magazine to step up for the "little man", or the production teams, that cannot defend themselves.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


The video interview is NOW posted here!
The studio CEO [David Quintana] went out of his way to "Nail The Coffin Shut" with the slander case against the director and crew of Zombie Reign (ZR). This past weekend, he made a quick trip to San Antonio, Texas to interview and meet up with the ZR crew and their leader/director, Mr. Ramiro Avendano.

On an overcast day, David performed a real interview with several team members of the ZR team and asked them all of the right questions, most of which came off as complaints and allegations of theft, false statements, false contracts, sexual assault, the mistreatment of extras and actors, disrespect of cast mates, and one alleged case of 'attempted murder.' The viewer will be able to see the expressions of each team member interviewed and also see how each were affected by some of the questions asked.

David made it clear to the viewers that no charges or criminal findings have ever been found to exist as a 'guilty charge' in court proceedings against Mr. Avendano, who received a larger amount of the slanderous claims and allegations made against him and his team. Each complaint made against the ZR team has never had any evidence to support the accusations made, and most have now been written off as gossip or "good ol' momma-drama." To help support David's claim that the attack on the ZR team was a conspiracy, the two known people involved in spreading the slanderous gossip have suddenly removed their statements and accusations from their personal blogs. Now only one local writer from San Antonio remains in a stance against Mr. Avendano, still refusing to deny the accusations made against him and recant the article written last year; and apparently a local publishing company supports the writers claims even without any evidence to support the allegations.

Even though some of the allegations brought up during the interview caught Mr. Avendano by surprise, he did not take any of the accusations made against him as a joke. Besides, his personal reputation and private life were stained by the actions of a few extras who didn't like the way he was running the show. How most of the allegations even came to be have yet to be completely explained. But the big fact that Mr. Avendano was slandered through a San Antonio based magazine called "The Current" by producing a special issue where Mr. Avendano was marked openly as a liar, thief, and claimed that he was convicted of sexual assault, still remains as a huge mental burden against him and his team.
The ZR team has proved most of the nay-sayers wrong by continuing to work on the ZR project in secret and recently provided proof to the studio CEO that the pilot is complete and that the team has filed a lawsuit against The Current, to help defend their honor and integrity against the slanderous article.  The proof of the lawsuit was brought to David and presented to him in his hand for him to inspect during the interview and after the interview was completed. David also witnessed a private viewing of the ZR film and he claims that the cinematography is "wonderfully spectacular" and "completely original."

The entire interview will post on this blog in the near future. It is hoped that many of the film scene organizations in San Antonio will view the interview and take into account the truth of several situations that actually occurred, and not the work of a few 'merry trolls' who spread only rumors and false allegations against one amateur Independent film team and their director. 

In closing, David said that he would like to thank the ZR team for a fantastic interview, the delicious lunch that followed, and the memorable viewing of the ZR film project. A release date for the Zombie Reign pilot has not been made available at the time of the release of this post.

Kellie Bleichner
Contributing Writer

Friday, May 6, 2016


This is an editorial by David Quintana & is to be considered as "liner notes" for future reference; for openly sharing his opinion to the subscribers of this blog and e-magazine. His opinion is not the opinion of the cast and crew who work with him on his film projects.


Very recently, Francisco "Kiko" Martinez came to my blog, did a little cut and pasting, added it to a news article he was typing, took his "new article" to the Editors at The Current, and claimed that he did all of the work in writing a cheap article against a certain San Antonio based film maker, perhaps in an attempt to vindicate one of his older articles about some allegations that the local based filmmaker was a liar.

But a liar of what? That ceases to come to the surface in the writings of this apparent "film critic" who thinks he's a real investigative reporter. Just today [5/6/2016], this guy released an article which was nothing short of taking a stab at some drama which he helped to spread fourteen months ago, and not only to the local people in San Antonio, but on the Internet as well. The new article was short and was released only to provoke a response from the film making team that he's targeted as a "fake production".

In Kiko's new "arts article", he claims that I have only had one comment on my Facebook page from a person named "Carl Kolchak" who apparently made a comment in support of the filmmaker that Kiko has a hard on against. This guy is a "film critic" but doesn't know about "Karl Kolchak" from the television series, The Night Stalker??? Shouldn't Kiko have questioned the legitimacy of the person who made the comment??? Alright San Antonio, Kiko does NOT know me, doesn't know a thing about me, never questioned me, never called me, never drove out to where I live for a statement, doesn't know my history or what I do for a living...all he did was send me an email and expected me to answer some questions, which I didn't because I thought his approach was immature and very unprofessional for a "reporter" wait, he's a "film critic"...I have to remember that and so does San Antonio.
Here is the email that "Geico" sent me asking for information
concerning Mr. Avendano and his production.
This guy has NEVER been to my Facebook page and I've never posted the blog concerning the attack on the filmmaker on my Facebook page, so I don't know what the fuck he's reporting to the people of San Antonio. On my studio blog, I did post an editorial to the opening of my e-magazine last week that had over 27 comments which supported a "conspiracy theory" against the local filmmaker and after only three days, that blog received over 8,000 views from persons world-wide. I posted numbers clearly for anyone to see. Did Kiko make mention of them?....nope.
Kiko claims that a certain San Antonio filmmaker has made nothing but lies concerning the film production of a zombie movie and that he attempted to screw people over during it's pre-production phase. Well, since we are all innocent until proven guilty, Kiko has yet to show any evidence of anyone being screwed, sued, that the production to the zombie film was a fake, and that the filmmaker was a felon; all which he alleged in an article inside The Current in February 2014. He negated to inform the people of San Antonio that all he did for the new update was send out emails to people asking for any updates on the zombie film in question which included some questions about it's director. 

Due to the drama Kiko reported last year, no one on the zombie film project wants to talk to him or give him any information. So what does this "film critic" do???...he goes to my blog, rips pieces of updates off of it, adds an email of one of his old contact with the film project where he's told to stay away, and then made up the rest of his crap article because he knows that no one from the zombie film project cares about his opinion nor wants his support anymore. Kiko has lost all integrity as an unbiased film critic.

But I'd like to get back to the part of my blog. This guy thinks that the Quantum Storm E-Magazine is a blog???...IT'S AN E-MAGAZINE, YOU MORON!!!...pretty much like the article format where you posted the plagiarized article you released on the web, except with our studios e-mag you have to pay for a subscription to view it [We have over 52 issues released already and a few hundred more to get out]. We review films, critique actors, present new model shoots, support the local film community, and present the E-mag to sponsors and producers who are wanting to know what films are being produced in Texas. And dear Kiko, YOU will have to pay the full amount to read about how "San Antonio let an innocent man down by allowing you to use The Current as a launching pad to release slanderous drama on people and projects you don't like". You don't get a sneak peek, you're a NOBODY!

I am not saying the entire Current magazine is fucked up, but allowing this man who plagiarized my work from my blog and posted it in his article is only a drop of ink compared to what he did to a certain San Antonio filmmaker who was working on an amateur Independent film project. Kiko is doing more damage to the Integrity of honest writing, than helping the Current support local films in San Antonio. As you can see, I posted no links from this kook to give him ANY more hits on his articles than he deserves.

And keep this in mind, Kiko is NOT an authority of films in San Antonio, he doesn't approve film projects, he's just a vindictive writer on a city magazine which he uses to spread slander and drama to help bump up his ego in his little "critiquing" world. I will gladly put up my 20 plus year, U.S. Navy Submarine career against this ass-pirate, who has done nothing but prove that he is a domestic terrorist who will not right a wrong when it's his duty as a journalist [and I use that term loosely] to do so.

Oh....and Kiko...anytime you want to meet to do a real interview, just name the place and time...and bring a sandwich, it's going to be a long day for you!

David Quintana
CEO Quantum Storm Films