Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Where did it all go? Where are the best directors, actors in town now? Where are all of the local news headlines regarding that "big film project" that was sure to shake the foundations of the local film industry? Well, the names are still around but the fire is out, the embers were cooled with a nice dousing of water which will require a different fire to make the local film industry burn again...but that is years away now.

This issue digs down deep into the dirt to show you where all of those names are now, especially the ones which once promised through "deferred payment" the proof that their careers and films which were sure to rise, actually went no where. Learn about life after slasher films and body enhancements that were once a great idea, turned out to be huge mistakes. 

Through thick and thin, through advanced hype, see how it only took one film to bring down the once powerful Houston Indie Film Scene, see the transition of local actors through time capturing photographs, old interviews and see, not where their rumored to be now, but where they actually are! But the biggest question of all is answered, what happened with all of the time and money wasted on a film industry that was catered to local thieves and con artists.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


This is an editorial by David Quintana & is to be considered as "liner notes" for future reference; for openly sharing his opinion to the subscribers of this e-magazine. His opinion is not the opinion of the cast and crew who work with him on his film projects.
Very recently, I was made aware of an "extra" that claimed he was an "actor" on Mr. Ramiro Avendano's Zombie Zeign [ZR] television pilot project. He joined a group on Facebook called "San Antonio Films", where he cried out about his innocence on a couple of things we posted in our blog this past month; we never even mentioned him by name. The last we checked, his post is still on there and we did some "cut & paste" to show you what he wrote. Keep in mind, I am not trying to defend myself on this blog, but this guy does incriminate himself openly which is fine by me. He has had every opportunity to contact me through my blog...which he hasn't.

This is the local San Antonio thespian who claimed to be an actor on the ZR film project and posted this pic on Facebook a little over a month AFTER the San Antonio Current released its diabolical article which slandered and character assassinated Mr. Avendano and his team, by claiming they were working on a 'scam' Indie film. Remember that the 'scam' has yet to be proven or openly identified; but one thing is now known for sure, the first episode to the ZR pilot project is complete and apparently ready for preview; which proves that this actor was completely cut out of the project due to starting drama on and off the set.

In his Facebook post, this thespian went as far as to claim that he had a role in ZR and that this picture is proof of a character he was supposed to play in the project. What he didn't say in his post was that the shoot he attended [for this pic] was only for leading actors in the ZR project and that he had showed up announced, uninvited, but he was seen dressed up in full battle gear. At the time, Mr. Avendano was surprised, felt bad for him, and cleared the thespian to have his photo taken. The photos were "handled" by Paulina Manseau who volunteered to edit the pics with Photoshop. This picture was not cleared for ZR promo advertising nor release through Mr. Avendano. So, it looks like this thespian took it upon himself to do a little 'cut & paste' to present a pic that looked authentic for release by the ZR team...kind of the same thing Kiko Martinez did for the San Antonio Current from my blog...a little 'cut & paste' is all...Oh, by the way, this picture coincidentally surfaced AFTER the Current's article was released; as seen on the date listed on the Facebook pic [top left].

Here is a picture the thespian posted and a reversed color print I made to see the 'cut & paste' area the thespian made on the picture:

As you can see, the thespian tried to make a good mock-up of some of Mr. Avendano's previous promo ad work; to give the illusion that he was part of the project. But he failed in covering up his tracks by producing unprofessional work and did not remove the pixelation effect in the background; he only darkened it. The reversing of colors [the arrowed areas] shows a black sheet in the background which is completely unprofessional and is usually blackened out with layers in post editing; uneducated Photoshop users don't know this. The red circled area shows that this area was a cut & paste from another picture or promo ad - since he didn't have access to the fonts and exact logo design created by Mr. Avendano. This pic alone puts into serious question this thespian's motives, leaves to question his part in the project, and puts his integrity into question about his claims on Facebook, and any previous statements he has made against the ZR project. This proves that the photo is a fake; you can do the test yourself to see. 

Here is an actual promo picture released by Mr. Avedano. You can see that the reversed colors of the promo photo have pixelation from the background blackened out via layers, just like the professionals do it. My experience of over 20 years in the photography and advertising field has proven that Mr. Avendano would not approve a photo for release by using the 'cut and paste' of a logo to a picture. Would you? The reversing of colors can be done on ANY photo and is a method used to prove doctored photos and documents.

But back to his Facebook post...we never identified anyone on any of the pictures posted on the new issue blog of the Quantum Storm E-magazine. But apparently, this bozo identified himself and started posting his innocence and a glorified opinion on how he believes things went down on the pre-production sets of ZR. So with his "calling me out" moment and his "tossing a hat" into the, I thought I'd respond in kind...

First, part of his note from Facebook:

I highlighted the areas that got my interest. I thank the thespian for verifying that I had nothing to do with the ZR production. There are many that believe that I helped Mr. Avendano's team during the production of ZR and its the only reason that I wrote my articles. So, being vindicated feels pretty cool!

The second part is easily explained. If this thespian claims that he never met Tim Miller until the day of the interview with the Current, then why are there so many people that recall the thespian hanging out with Miller at an actors workshop and on the set? Some of the people that witnessed the thespian talking with Mr. Miller are the entire production staff of the ZR project and Mr. Avendano himself; all of whom were video interviewed in an previous blog.

The Next part of his statement from Facebook reads:
Again, I appreciate the thespian's continuance that I was not part of the ZR Production. Better yet, it's rude that we posted a blog article with his picture in it, but it was totally okay for the San Antonio Current to release a slanderous issue against the ZR Production and it's team? Well in the second part of the thespians claim, the ZR pilot HAS come into fruition and with a ton of solid supporters and local respected actors; all apparently not in the same clique group that this thespian claims to be part of. So suddenly, the ZR pilot IS real and has proven this thespian's theory wrong....again.

The third part of the thespian's post which is highlighted for you to see, he makes mention that "other people" with military backgrounds walked off the set as well, but he fails to mention any names. Why, I wonder? Remember this was during the pre-production phase, not during the actual filming. Well, according to cast members, crew, and the director, it was only two people with military experience who were on the set and they moved out of town, one other was married to someone in the production and not directly involved as an 'actor' or a crew member. One other actor with military experience has contacted the ZR team and has begged to get back into production with them; apparently because he learned the project went on ahead with production.

The last part of his statement reads:

The first highlight I like the best. Dear thespian, the film WAS made without requiring your help as an extra or any funding from parties that slammed the production. Then he brings up the words "racism" again, proving that this ass-clown doesn't know the difference between 'prejudice' and 'racism'. The old saying, "You shouldn't speak unless you KNOW what you're talking about" seems to apply here. The Current has not slammed any other artist, director, or film project on its cover since it launched its first issue. What made Mr. Avendano and his team so special to be the first one? Someone needs to educate this thespian about the difference between racism and prejudice - there is a BIG difference. And yes, the project had a handful of actors with about 50 extras for a few scenes...but the extras were not part of the full production. 

The last quote from the thespian says that Alamo City Studios "concurs this [ZR] proposed project as a scam"...but again, he fails to identify who "those people" are. It looks like he has a constant urgency to spread other 'unidentified people' to his defense. I'd like to see a list of credible people we can contact for an interview. Whenever you can submit that list of people, contact me here, you thespian loser.

...Look, I can go on and on about this crap and bring down this thespian's apparent "cry-baby tactics" to his local friends to gain support. But I think that we have proven that this ass-clown might be one of the merry trolls who started the conspiracy campaign to bring down the ZR production. If you're from San Antonio and want to support this drama-momma, go right ahead. But actor or not, this guy has made bogus statements, made accusations with no support or documentation, and has openly presented an altered picture in his defense which we have proven to be a fake....and yeah, he apparently DOES have time to "start drama".

And as for the San Antonio Current being 'pillars of the community'...that remains to be seen. The Current has yet to show ANY evidence proving that the ZR project was a "scam"...If there is, I'd like to see it; and I'm sure that everyone in the San Antonio film scene that supports the merry troll movement would like to see it too. Talk about 'tossing stones'...I'm surprised most of the San Antonio film community hasn't demanded to see the evidence against the ZR Film Team...we sure can't find any "damning evidence" that proves a scam or a crime had occurred during it's production.

Recently, the thespian responded on his Facebook post after being asked about where he stood after seeing this directors blog ink with the evidence we have uncovered and presented to viewers. He continues to defend his statements even after being proved wrong on all of them WITH evidence; he also continues to use the term "there are others" and never presents a name for us to follow up on. C'mon thespian, you can send me the list of your witnesses here and I will interview each of them on video. And of course all of my subscribers who know me, I responded in kind on his comment.  
I guess that old saying, "You're innocent until proven guilty" just doesn't apply with the San Antonio Film Community.....sad-sad-sad... And on a final update to this blog post [as of 6/10], the thespian removed his post and any other mention of the Zombie Reign production on the San Antonio Films Facebook page.

D. R. Quintana
CEO, Quantum Storm Pictures