Wednesday, August 24, 2016


A student inspired "2 Hour Film" challenge brought out the creative juices to an eight member film team to produce an eight minute film to a popular scene from a motion picture or stage play, producing the entire scene in under two hours. "Team Dano" decided to produce a scene from "Signs" [directed by M. Knight Shyamalan in 2002] and reproduce it by memory; renaming the sequence as "Zombie Signs."

The short film stars Daniel Erik, D. R. Quintana and Sara Rossell; shot entirely in Montgomery County and in three different locations. Filming started on August 7, 2016 at 10:23pm and wrapped at 11:45pm. Editing only took a little over 15 minutes as each scene was shot in order as remembered from the scene in the original film. There were no scripts, all parts were improvised by memory, and required only few takes per each scene. D. R. Quintana played Mel Gibson's father figure in the short, which garnered a nomination for Best Actor in the contest.

The students learned about every aspect in filmmaking; from directing, to framing, to sound capture, to lighting, to screenplay, to post editing, to adding music, etc. The idea for the scene selection came from Daniel Erik [stage name], who has studieda plethora of movies with his father (D. R. Quintana) most of his life. This is the first time that Erik has stepped forth in producing a film and getting all of the actors lined up for a production. Erik played the part of "Merrill Hess" [performed by Joaquin Phoenix] and delivered the part brilliantly as the over protective brother.

As a student film, the project captured the scene brilliantly to the applause and reviews to the short were favorable on Facebook and at the "Two Hour Film Challenge" award ceremony. Quintana says that the students learned a lot about what to do and what not to do when shooting scenes at night. While other film teams played it conservatively shooting in the day time and on one localized set, Team Dano stepped up the shorts presentation by moving the camera around from many different angles and presenting a well polished look to the scene. Excerpts of the original sound track were also added to the short to present a "feel of the original movie."

Since the production wrapped, the cast and crew decided to make an extension to the short film, by adding additional sequences to fill out the rest of the scenes. It is not known whether the ream will attempt to complete the entire film as a satirical short film.

The film is not expected to break any box office records, receive serious professional awards, or force the mold of short filmmaking to a wide audience, but it is fun entertainment and, with the exception of final editing, was produced entirely by local High School students. The studio will make the finished film available to preview on this blog in October.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


This is an editorial by David Quintana & is to be considered as "liner notes" for future reference; for openly sharing his opinion to the subscribers of this e-magazine. His opinion is not the opinion of the cast and crew who work with him on his film projects. - Keep in mind that we have a little over 250,000 proven fans world wide, Lepper!

UPDATE!!! - E-Mag fans are flooding in to read and spread the news of this blog entry. Thanks to our subscribers and fans throughout the world for making this blog entry the Number 1 article this week!

NEW UPDATE!!! - I added the emails between John-Boy Lepper and I for all to see!

Some people have asked for an update on the two Blogs we posted concerning the "Ramiro Avendano slander campaign" which was started by Tim Miller, and we can happily say that one of the instigators of passing the Internet portion of the slander blog is this guy, John-Boy Lepper [aka Johnny Macabre]; who created a virus filled web page and re-posted the blog against Mr. Avendano and the Zombie Reign team just a few months ago.

Apparently, John-boy has released a coloring book depicting some 'tales of comic book horror' over a script he claims he wrote a decade ago, concerning a band of heroes trying to survive a hoard of zombies in a "Walking Dead" type landscape. He also claims to have contacted some other comic book creators to bring in their infamous zombie comic book heroes into his coloring book which to have written a decade ago, to widen the deep depth of the release. John-boy claims that this will be the next big thing in comic books... sounds like hype, huh?
Well, in my opinion this ass-clown has done nothing new. This is just a semi-bold attempt to start a new career in the graphic arts by creating a coloring book, based on several other movies and comic books, that will get lost in the large array of the comic book glut that has stuffed the walls of comic book stores throughout the world...sounds familiar, doesn't it? Besides, he claims to have produced five thousand copies [which he never presented in his video release] that are just sitting in his home waiting to hit the stores, what stores? who knows!...and I guess living in the state of New York and not really having the cash to go anywhere, the release will be limited to the Buffalo area. There is a hint that you can purchase an electronic  copy for $.01 if you'd like to read the 'swash buckling tales' written by Buffalo's own, John-Boy Lepper, the nefarious Johnny Macabre.
Keep in mind that this past May, I welcomed this joker to meet me in San Antonio to do a video interview and bring me all of his 'evidence' that proved that Mr. Avendano was a felon, that he sexually assaulted actors on the set, stole money, and cheated people in the production...cheated them of what? I do not know. What did this ass-clown do? Nothing but tell me in an email that he "lived out of state" and he stated that he never lived or visited the state of Texas. From that point on, I became interested in why John-boy became so interested in slandering Mr. Avendano's name, a man he had never met.

John-boy did all of this from the comfort of his home, so many miles away in up state New York and never once facing a member of the Zombie Reign crew, nor was he exposed to any part of the production in Texas. This ass-clown just passed along some bad [slanderous] information [from Miller] by helping post lies and made up information on the internet; like the fake cell phone texts which have already been proven to have been produced through Adobe Photoshop and an Ap. But he, the 'authority of horror,' continues to slander Mr. Avendano because he knows that people like to check up on his slander every once in a while and it's the only real traffic that hits his blog that do not include his friends. This clown is a 'keyboard commando' and has very little-to-no courage to actually meet the people he insults on a regular basis. A complete coward who has no merit as an adult.

I will warn you that the web blog he's posted concerning the Zombie Reign slander has tracking cookies which can grant John-boy access to your accounts; whether you use Facebook, twitter and such to post a comment. This boy thinks he's a real smart guy and is proving to be a 'hacker' in the local area of Buffalo; so I will warn you not to share any information or log on to his web pages or blogs to post comments or seek more information!

So far, only 45 members of this "huge fan base" has dared to view his video interview on you tube as of today [8/21/2016]...two of the views were mine, so I didn't count them. So, you can see that he's hit the ground running with this epic new release, that all of his fans have just been waiting for...a little over a decade now. I'm sure most of those fans are old buddies from high school, Tim Miller and his wife, a few people he kept in contact through local comic book conventions...those few people who he works with...and yeah, that's about it.

I will make sure that my contacts at WIZARD give Lepper's coloring book a good glance through when and if they are able to get a copy. I will do my best to get a peek and see this 'grand epic tale' that is sure to rock the pillars of hell through the master-storytelling that John-boy is providing to his legion of fans. I am not a fan of any of his work. He has not produced ANYTHING that has impressed me or made me desire to follow his works. This kid is just a chump who likes to attack people in other states, online.

To be honest, it's taken this emo-kid most of his life to get a coloring book published and he's all excited about it. The video was an open book to his feelings and he should feel damn proud to try and get something off on the right road, even though so many people have done the same thing in the past. If he would use that line of thinking to resurrect his feelings toward the Zombie Reign team who HAVE finished their first episode; who HAVE worked through some tough diversity where no one was scammed, robbed, or raped, but trudged on to complete their series...maybe he would re-think his slanderous campaign and drop the whole thing and let it all go away.

Because here in Texas, Mr. Avendano's series is about to launch on the big screen and no one gives a shit unless you're willing to come down here and face The REIGN!

D. R. Quintana
Blog Creator

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Six years ago we decided to put together an online magazine to help promote our Independent studio projects by presenting production stills, liner notes from actors, and best of all, release an "inside look" at our projects with behind-the-scenes photographs and special moments not seen by fans outside from behind the camera through a six to eight page mini-magazine. In a matter of months and through some fantastic networking, our magazine reached out to subscribers as far as Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Initially, the first issues of the magazine seemed a little biased as we were only able to cover studio projects and interview the new local actors we've worked with during our early years in the Indie film scene. But as the months passed, press releases from acting agents began to roll in and many actors from film scenes outside of Houston began to send us stories regarding the dealings with Indie studios that either worked with a conscious effort to produce the best film possible or scam the local actors and rob them of their personal time.

Even though we didn't want the magazine to turn into just another tabloid, filled with drama and even as we pressed forward and continued to work on presenting only the best news, photographs and information to our subscribers [mainly from other Indie film directors, producers, and investors] many of the stories we received from sources inside the Indie film scene presented problems with local film making communities throughout Texas. The sources felt strongly that some issues [even though they may have been filled with heavy drama] had to be put out in the open for people to know. So we made it a priority to investigate any allegations brought to our attention, whether it was scamming directors, photographers, or producer/investors.

One of our first, and at the time, the BIGGEST stories we initially covered was the "photographers  scandal" where the rights of models [in pictures] were being misinterpreted as intellectual property of the photographer, 'just because' they captured the photo; some models never signed release forms, never reviewed their work, never received copies of all the photographs taken, or were taken advantage of by never having them sign releases without pay of any kind; leaving the photographer to do whatever they wanted with the photos.

Laws were being broken but no one was doing anything about it. The studio decided to release an issue which presented the laws concerning the use of a "persons image" in photography. Photographers in Houston began charging models and actors top dollar for any photos being taken of them. Head shots were going for $250 to $800 per session by photographers who deemed themselves "professionals", but none having anything to prove what made them 'professional'. Of course, we didn't make any new friends in the photography business at that time; not that we were looking to make new ones anyway. But we trudged on with a successful issue now laying the foundation for better and brighter things.

However with news stories that came our way afterwards, we exercised the right to look into both sides of the stories, many times fixing a lot of problems before they became a real problem, never having to release the dramatic stories to our subscribers. I mean seriously, why would anyone in Germany want to know about the local drama here in Texas? So in the meantime, we continued to deliver some break through issues which garnered a lot of attention with an ever changing format that gave our subscribers a flavor of depth and honesty, which even still the magazine and our reporters pride ourselves in presenting.

By the third year of the magazines existence, we found ourselves being awarded for the layout format of our photography, which seemed to get better and more solid after each issue. It was in Issue 006 that we hit a strong stride being presented two awards for fine writing and publication. The awards were received in complete surprise and from that point forward the magazine was christened an "e-magazine" for being released to it's subscribers through email; delivered at the end of each month on time and with some special attachments to its fans which was now reaching to seven different countries and leaning towards 7500 subscribers in the U.S. alone. Remember that none of the issues had ever been produced in paper!

Issue 006 was also the first time that the e-magazines format with layouts and writing began to become noteworthy by both subscribers and fans who could only see the promotional posters on the then Directors Blog. Whether it was by chance or by destiny, the e-magazine reached all new levels of notoriety which made the studio re-think it's method of producing and delivering new issues to it's fans. Should the e-magazine continue as an email or begin churning out paper printed copies to fans?

After several weeks of mulling over our choices, we decided to keep things simple, save a little money, and continue to present the e-magazine with an email subscription that could not only make new issues more accessible to our local fans, but that we could aim for markets in newer territories outside of the U.S. and promote Indie films through critics and reviews, should Indie film studios decide to forward us their film(s) to review. At the time, the idea seemed a little out of this world, but the studio e-magazine was ready to expand and release bigger and better issues to the public.
By May 2013, the e-magazine had broken over 10,000 subscribers, a strong leap for any new publication, and the studio released the first inside look into the format used in an issue which presented an exclusive on MINOTAUR, which was not completely expected by fans of the studio who did not have access to the e-magazine. The issue was detailed with actor's liner notes and stunning studio photography giving fans, especially Trekkies, everything they wanted to see in the next studio project. To this day, the special MINOTAUR e-magazine has been the most popular issue, which garnered the largest influx of subscribers to date.

The news of the power of the e-magazine truly didn't rear it's head until May 2015, when a then little-known San Antonio film studio got wrapped up in a mess of drama which seemed to doom future zombie film makers in that Indie film circuit. For two years, the studio made it a priority to seek out the truth concerning an Indie film director and uncover a possible conspiracy concerning some frightening allegations being made against him on the Internet. But the investigation into the truth wasn't enough, the Indie film director wasn't only being accused of running a scam production, he was being accused of being a thief, a man with a felonious criminal past, and a man without integrity; everything that we initially didn't want to print or be part of in the past.

And after months of investigating the allegations, the studio released reports of our investigation through the Directors Blog and helped punch holes through the conspiracy nuts [or "drama trolls] who had started an all-out 'slander campaign' for personal reasons which even today cannot be easily explained for it's reasoning, except to say that the onslaught was a premeditated attack led by a prejudice against the directors Latino background; which is not a theory, but something proven through emails between the investigators and some witnesses.

The bulk of the studios investigation were released openly on the Director's Blog as liner notes for anyone to see and read. The release of the investigative notes and response by studio fans and observers from all corners of the globe showed the studio that the blog had more power to carry news articles to a broader spectrum of readers. A few months after the release of the dark, dramatic issue, the studio decided to change the format of the Director's Blog and change it's name to the Quantum Storm E-Magazine Blog. A move that promulgated a revision of the studios format in presenting news to it's fans and subscribers.

And so here we are now. We revised the blog and changed everything to make us feel stronger about how we are helping shape and clean up the Indie film scene in Texas by trying to spread information to make things better. We take stories, pictures, short films, from any and every source out there who thinks it should be news and we pass it on to other actors, directors, producers and investors who desire to get involved...but now we're doing it with force!

The lengthy process we present to you is a constant endeavor in learning how to get things done and present it to our followers with a simple, but dynamic flair of it's own. Each week we go through tons of photos from 2008 to 2016, which we either took or was passed along to us through our contacts, and look for that one pic or that one story which we might have overlooked which could start ripples in the Indie film scene. We're always waiting for that one, aspiring investigative reporter to join our group and fill us in on a new story, or news about that solid, new, and tasty Indie film.

Oh...and if we [or I] call you part of the "Indie film scene" in your community, take it with a sense of pride. Because until you make that one film for big bucks where everyone truly gets paid...if your smart, you'll know what I mean...then you're just another filmmaker still trying to work on a hobby, while working a real job to pay the bills.

Ride Easy, My Friends!

D. R. Quintana

Monday, August 15, 2016


The studio would like to welcome you to the new blog page for the Quantum Storm E-Magazine! If you are a fan of the magazine which was previous presented on the studios Directors Blog, then you will feel more at home reading about our studio projects here on this new blog which will present all of the inside news on studio projects, local entertainment news, state wide producers and directors, and insights to Indie film trailers. We are sure that you will enjoy the change of format for the studios Award Winning E-Magazine, and even better, you will receive the best "up to date" entertainment news we can deliver at a moments notice if you decide to add us through the BlogSpot Ap to see updates on this blog as they happen!

The fall issue of the studio e-magazine presents Dru Marie Rovito who portrays "Rachel Somers" in this years highly anticipated BIONICA mini-web series. The series has been under production for over 2.5 years and the results for the studios efforts have been considered by critics as "worth the wait." The studio is planning for a theatrical release in two local Texas theaters and then release on the web before December 2016. The cast and crew are excited about the series release and the potential for an extension to the mini-series.

Series Director/Producer, D. R. Quintana, says that the series was produced under a loose but delicate schedule as much of the cast is also presented in ST-MINOTAUR which is also expected for release this year. The production for Bionica has remained below the spotlight of web release material and behind-the-scenes production stills, as the studio changed it's operating procedures when a project is under production; keeping all studio productions secret until they are released.

Bionica saw only limited production work in 2015 as other studio series took priority to get them off towards a good start in developing solid foundation. This new web series has a small cast and much of the first three episodes presents a back story, and more importantly, presents Rachel Somers powers to the fan base which will want to see what the studio has in store with changing what is expected in the visual and audio special effects used in the series.

If you feel you are missing out on all of the excitement and news, you probably are. You can change that by being a subscriber to the hottest e-magazine in Texas. You must be a known Indie film director, producer, investor or actor to subscribe. Each page of the studio e-mag has dazzling photos of your favorite Indie actor, actress, and model; with liner notes from each individual taken during video production.

The studio e-magazine is dedicated to largely representing actor and entertainment news for the entire state of Texas, their opinions, and their attributes to Indie film projects which have been produced in the state of Texas, produced by Quantum Storm Pictures, or critiqued and reviewed by the studio.

To become a subscriber, follow the advertisements presented at the offset of each studio release or simply click here