Friday, October 28, 2016


Nanae Volle is the first Chinese Actress to grace the cover of the QSE! She's stepping into the world of the local Independent Film Scene with a score of four films to tantalize the local film market with her presence. She is wonderfully filled with positive energy, a great smile, and smashing looks.
What's best is, as a model, she's ridiculously fun to shoot, promoting fantastic flair from one snap to another. She is successful at everything she does and she has not let the Chinese language barrier slow her acting career down at all. Meeting with her during hour two hour shoot was just one of the smoothest operations I have ever been exposed to and probably one of the most memorable to write down in my history as a photographer.

We expect to see great things from this new comer, not only in acting, but in anything she sets her mind to do. Nanae can be found all over the web, on Facebook, and her in this months issue of the QSE. Nanae's hair and makeup were produced by the talented Bing Paulson, also a Chinese native who is also making a name for herself through some impressive work posted on her Facebook page. Be sure to take the time and see a tons of Bing's makeup and special effects makeup work.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Recently, I was exposed to several film projects that all claim to "have a contact" or "know a guy" in the business that will give their project a lift into the realm of television life. But folks, the real truth is that you can't just buy a ticket to Los Angeles and walk into an office with your idea, EVEN IF you know a special effects makeup man or know a couple of sound effects guys in the business.

And if you're passing this story around and your not listed in the Writers Guild or Screen Writers Guild, nor have any SAG/AFTRA credentialed projects under your belt, well...quite frankly...your wasting your time and your presenting some true colors that you don't know what you're talking about in the film and television business. Anyone who tells you otherwise is....well...a bigger idiot.

Talk to veteran actors within your area, they know the gig. They'll tell you to get an agent, be part of a union, and to do your best to be part of the projects that endure in success. Bragging that you have a good idea that has been seen by the right people just doesn't hold water and simply writing and winning local awards won't pull any real weight where it matters most. But don't take my word for it, read about submitting your work to the Writers Guild here.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


SHAM LEVEL 5+ - Stay Away Folks!
Well, the good news is that a film DOES exists...but the fact surfaced upon the opening night that Zombie Reign - Revelation [ZR] was just NOT complete, NOT remotely produced on time, nor did it impress many of the veteran actors or visitors who attended the pilots premiere and sat through this ill fated monstrosity. It's hard to believe that after reporting that three hours of footage was filmed during production, it appears that inadequate editing was the doom of the one hour premiere. After having tons of support and promotion to vindicate a new chance to prove himself as an accredited director and filmmaker, Ramiro Avendano, dropped the ball on his biggest night ever.

Reports from some of ZR's cast members say that they were greatly disappointed with the overall premiere. Even the projects director, editor, and producer, Avendano, showed up late and claimed to have been making changes to the pilot up to the final hours prior to the shows release. The pilots demise was NOT the fault of the actors involved however, but there were strong negative statements regarding bad editing, bad pacing, no audio throughout spots in the pilots premiere, and moments where the audio and video just cut off and stayed black for several minutes. Dark moments in the theater were filled with commentary by cast members Christopher Garrett and Bobby Osborn, who tried to keep the festivities on a positive note, sharing moments of history behind the production of the film to keep everyone in attendance occupied until the pilot restarted playing.

Even after months of promising that the film existed and that it was complete, Avendano's attempts to deliver a polished project just proved to fail when it mattered most. And remember, this project had TONS of talent in it that ANY Independent film director would have LOVED to have at their disposal! But ZR's failure was accompanied with a plethora of inner turmoil that was building between production members just a week prior to the show's premiere. What started the productions downfall was a last minute change in the venues location and a decision to move the premiere to the The Alamo Draft House in San Antonio, TX; changing to only one showing of the pilot and not the two or three showings promised in promo ads at the original location. These changes in venue, plus some additional drama concerning some 'finger pointing' regarding the shift to a new location, led me to not attend the premiere, fearing the worst.

Cause and affect had it's moment as Avendano failed to produce the required Blue Ray diskette to provide the projector supervisor at the Draft House to ensure a smooth presentation of the pilot. "Skips in the the sound alone just tended to make seeing the film unbearable to view" said one actor. At the point of having everyone switch to a new location and not being able to produce mass DVDs for sales [as promised] should have forced Avendano's hand to cancel the premiere and set another date, just to buy some time to fix things that needed to be fixed. But he chose to "cross that dark channel with a ship filled with holes" and he saw the entire sinking of his dream while standing safely on a sandy shore. When confronted about the premieres failure, Avendano replied, "I see mistakes being made...but I do not see failure. Its complete, audio got screwed but that's fixable." Well, in my own response as a film director, I would remind Avendano that the Superbowl is played only once and he lost his own chance to win big at a championship game he created.

Kinder hearts still loyal to Avendano's dream, have reported a "successful premiere" throughout Facebook with after photos to support friendly faces and smiles, sticking to the idea that at least "the video looked good." But the truth is that the dream failed miserably in the hands of man who decided it was best to keep the productions progress a personal secret and not even attempt to keep his production team updated with visual previews of completed scenes, through weekly "production meetings" that were useless and time consuming. This is not intended to be a slanderous review of ZR, but the director seemingly did not report the truthful status of the film to his team, who might have stepped up and insist that Ramiro reschedule the premiere. In the end, Zombie Reign is a film that needs extensive work to salvage. Perhaps Avendano requires bonafide help to get it done right, before the implosion of his [still not vindicated] claim of being a filmmaker & director, actually begins. 

This low rating is for not presenting a completed film during it's premiere.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016


During the winter months of 2014, the studio decided to make changes in the actors line-up and cast new faces to fill the supporting characters seen in the The Secret of ANGELIKA5 [TSOA5] web series, for the production of the full feature film which will close out the entire series with one big episode for fans to see.

One change came with the fan favorite character of Bianca Wolfe, who will now be played by Summer Collett of Gonzales, Texas. The series creator, D. R. Quintana, wanted a more spunky, well fit actress to play the role in the series movie in order to bring a rougher edge to the film. Collett's entrance to the production ignites a new alliance with actors from the San Antonio film scene working in collaboration with a studio from the North Houston area.

Quintana says that his introduction of hearing about Collett's antics off camera during breaks on film projects was the best lure to get him to audition the young actress for the studios lead project. "I had heard that she [Collett] was in great shape and also very tough" said Quintana. "I was told that Summer was doing flips and climbing on other actors during scene breaks and I thought to myself, is this the actress I have been waiting to find?"

The series director/producer met with Collett in San Antonio, Texas back in May, and he says that from that point, things just seemed to fall into place right awy. "It was like I had met her [Collett] before in a past life or something" Quintana said with a big smirk on his face. "She had the right attitude, the right posture, and a sexy 'cat like' prowess about her, even when she was sitting still."

The web series creator went on to say that the professional relationship between him and Collett seemed to flow perfectly during their first promotional photoshoot for her future entry into the Quantum Storm E-Magazine [QSE] layout, which will hit subscriber emails in February 2017 with a seven page spread about the development of Collett's appearance and training to get her ready for the role.

"The transitional shots from one dress to the next was a fantastic treat and a great time to see if Summer was able to have a chameleon side to her appearance, which is a BIG part of the characters presentation on screen" said Quintana. "The Angelika5 Movie has a diverse list of characters who will play their parts and each tell a significant plot to the main story. Summer's addition to the series ender as Bianca will be edge that will bring it all down together. I have never worked with Summer before, but I am confident with her appearance, talent and my screen play, well will both deliver the best representation of Bianca Wolfe possible."

And what should fans expect from Collett's performance in the TSOA5 movie?

"Bianca Wolfe is a hard nosed, military juggernaut, who is hired to find a missing band of soldiers who have been captured and are being tortured by forces from out of this world. There is a dire power of destruction that follows the character through action and suspense. I feel like I have developed the best script to tell her tale; Summer will be the instrument to bring that story to life" said Quintana. "In the recent past, I toyed with the idea of bringing the character out into her own web series to tell other tales of action and mystery. I shared those ideas with Summer and she seemed quite interested to get that project started after the Angelika5 movie takes into flight; it's something that made me feel like I did when I first read my first comic book, except we will be able to make a live action comic book to tell future tales of action." 

Quintana added that Collett will begin a transformation through vigorous training and military based tactics to get her into the spirit of playing the Wolfe character with demanding physical strengthening to line her up with what is expected in the script. So, Collett started training in preparation for her role and made a visit to CAP Elite in Montgomery, Texas to meet with the studios Fitness Coordinator, Eddie Enriquez.

Summer Collett in physical training with Eddie Enriquez in Montgomery, TX

A release date for the ANGELIKA5 Movie has not been set.

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