Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Just this morning I learned of the loss of John Wetton [1949-2017], the talented bassist and vocalist of the rock band ASIA, who had big hits like "Heat Of The Moment", "Only Time Will Tell", and "Wildest Dreams" on their first LP. 

Wetton's vocal range was what truly captured me listening to him. I learned that I could mimic his voice and keep and key with his vocal style. I remember the summer in Monahans, Texas where I was visiting some relatives, listening and watching the bands first music video on MTV for "Heat of the Moment." I was only interested in listening in after I recognized the keyboardist, Jeffery Downes from the Buggles performing in the video...and after that, I was hooked. 

I bought [or procured] every ASIA album I could find following that time. Each new ASIA album seemed to mimic my own life with songs of love, pain, and sheer dread. Back then, I often thought to myself..."Who are these guys from another country who are following me and writing about my life...almost as if they were here with me for my life's ride?" - As a matter of fact, I was such a huge fan of the band that I made sure my future son's knew all of the songs by heart.

Throughout the years I was given many blows of anxiety over the years concerning where the band had "broken up" or not. I went from one view of the band to another, but each new inclination of the band brought good music and a hearty feel of good music. Wetton was always pristine with heart and delivery when he performed on new tracks. He had a lot of heart and his music showed a lot of emotion when it played at the right time of my life. The song "Wishing" which was a little too cheesy in my book at first, helped me through some tough times in 1987; it became a song I eventually passed on to my boys to listen too when they too fell to hard times.

In 2009, I was working on a new web series called "The Secret of ANGELIKA5", which was based on ASIA's track "Go" from the ASTRA Album. During production I had to contact the bands distributor and publisher to gain access to use the track "Ride Easy" for the opening credits. After many attempts, I was unsuccessful and I began to settle for using a local artist to write a new song for the show. Just before the web series launched, John Wetton contacted me via email and then a phone call which changed my life forever. I was not only given verbal permission to use "Ride Easy", but Wetton gave us his blessing in writing as the track was going to be released in the U.S. for the 25 year anniversary of the band. Later, I was given a copy of the early release of "Light The Way" to listen to an promote on the series too.

Wetton's exclusive interest in seeing his music pitched on a non-profit web series showed me that all people have a little heart and love the idea of collaborating with people that might never meet. And through the years, I dreamed of meeting Wetton and/or seeing him perform live, however it never came to be...but I know I will always hold his music and voice in my heart. I learned of his death from the ASIA fan page on Facebook....he had been fighting cancer for quite some time.

Thank you for all of the years of great music, John! I leave this post with words from one of his songs..."As time will go...both of us will know...there'll never be a day, without you."

Rest In Peace,

David Quintana

Monday, January 30, 2017


The studios new venture launched on Facebook and has received big viewing numbers upon it's release!

68 video news segments have posted over the course of 70 days covering political rants concerning strong support for the new President of United States, changes in America's trading policies, professional sports idiocies, concerns over the lack of homeland security, immigration debates, local Texas law policies, and much-much more. Each video is under twenty minutes in length and leaves room for open debate and interaction with viewers to share their opinions. Some segments are seriously produced while others are humorous in nature.

The TRUE COLOURS News Segment is entitled "Team America with David Quintana" and is planned to be an opening dialog for the main show each week. Quintana made mention that the videos started production in early November of 2016 and will be used as "filler" until the main news segments of the show are completed for previewing. Team America currently has a strong following of over 6,000 Facebook viewers who have watched the commentary segments recorded by Quintana and have passed the link to the videos on other mediums to help spread the existence of the show.

"I am very pleased to learn that viewers love my sense of humor" said Quintana. "Every morning I made these videos and share my love for coffee to bring the morning fans into my realm of 'urban collectiveness' and help get them started on a note that we all are the same type of people. We all struggle, we all have good and bad days, and many are not alone in their political views about our government, our country, and our new President."

"The Team America segments were not produced to step into fame" Quintana added, "It was done to share a piece of mind in gaining strength that we are not alone. We are all on this ride to help support our newly elected President of the United States."

After making a personal note on January 20 of 2017 that the morning segments would be cancelled, Facebook viewers wrote personal notes to Quintana and made comments begging him to continue the videos. To the surprise of many, but he listened to his fans and is now considering a new formatted forum for the Team America videos to be produced for TRUE COLOURS Investigative Reports. The studio reassures viewers that new segments are in the works for 2017.

More news is sure to follow!

Jazz L.
[Contributing Reporter]

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


In 2011, the Houston Film Scene was much in astir about a local filmmaker [Larry Carrell] who put "the best" of what Houston, Texas had to offer in one film and through some daring production shams and scams, he was able to put up the cash to make his dream film come true.

There was ton of double-dipping going on prior to the production of his film JACOB; the filmmaker infiltrated several local films and evaluated talent in them, then sucked the talent right out of those productions to bring into his film, all of the time promising huge success and big contracts. Quite truly, the film was the talk of the town...at least in the local film scene.  But when the premiere hit the streets, it was a complete disaster of 'unfinished mastery' missing sound, scenes, and presented scraps of an unfinished film to the cast, crew, and their families...and like most amateur actors in the vast landscape of "wanting to be stars," no one complained that the film was incomplete during the initial premiere. People took pictures afterwards; smiled and boasted the films huge success.

Just a month prior to the premiere of Carrell's JACOB, a local short film produced entirely of teens, boasted huge success at several "Sold Out" premieres which seemed to jeopardize Carrell's potential future film success with his uncompleted film.  During JACOB's first premiere in Houston, most of the attendee's in the seats were just the cast, crew, and family of the film. People outside of the films clique who attended were not impressed with what the film presented and Carrell knew that. Some people complained that the price paid for tickets should have been refunded...and of course, that never happened and Carrell and his team pocketed the cash with a nice grin.

But through diversity and patience, Carrell and his team pushed forward. Over a period of months [and even to a year] they added scenes to the unfinished film and were able to scrounge up a known Hollywood name to bring more credence to the film. None of what is written here is fabricated...it's the truth. Through thick and thin, the film made it's way from one convention to another, then eventually onto Netflix. The film crossed the oceans and landed a following in Europe, where the title of the film was changed to "Sister." The film won countless local Indie awards and practically over night Carrell's clique grew and some names were added to the "producers" list who seemed to jump on the bandwagon ride of success...and all were very proud of the end results; which weren't easily attained. None of the local actors in the film have ever been paid for their work...not that they expected anything due to the shady contracts they signed.

So, in the end, Carrell got his film made and he got the attention and money he dreamed about...sort of. Below are comments made on the films IMDB page. You have to get passed the comments posted by the cast and crew to see what the real thoughts are by the REAL people who previewed this "fine masterpiece" of 80's horror. 

I still have yet to see this film, so I cannot review it properly....but I thought it was best that you, the reader, know what your getting into should you choose to decide to watch it yourself.

D. R. Quintana

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Investigative Reports have been covered by the Quantum Storm E-Magazine [QSE] since 2012 with outstanding coverage and results, so now in 2017, the studio is producing "TRUE COLORS"- a video investigative series which present news about local scams and the darker dealings of private businesses in Texas; stories and news that are [obviously] overlooked by news agencies and law makers in the state; even some seemingly being "swept under the carpet" by local, state, and federal law offices.

True Colours is expect to present an English version of the show with studio CEO, D. R. Quintana at the helm covering local news, scams, and entertainment and a Latin version with the multi-talented Maque Garcia leading her team in spreading the local news and scams to contacts in Mexico and South America. The show promises to present both sides of the argument and produce unbiased news segments regarding any complaints received by the studio which are requested to be investigated. Expect each new episode to present video 'reenactments' and use actual documentation to support each news segment presented for review.

Each episode of the investigative report series will run half an hour and will be produced weekly until the fall of 2017. The video news show will be produced for the web in epic 16.9 HD video format with 7.2 Surround Sound, and not with low standard public television access video production methods. True Colours will be primed with real news from real victims who have submitted their accusations to the studio for review and not local company employees, like other show's who claim to breakout real news from bad local sources. The video series will cover a large area of local Texas news and is expected to be a no-holds-barred presentation, cutting straight to the truth to each news event and presenting all of the known facts for all to see.

Be sure to keep up with studio updates on this blog for release dates and information. If you feel you are being scammed, harassed or just request an inquiry into a complaint you may have against a private business in Texas, feel free to contact us here.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


The studio announces to the public that the Chinese production; SAPPHIRE SOUL has stayed on course with work steadily completed during the Christmas and New Years holiday to make the goal of release in February 2017. The cast and crew are excited about the current results with the film and are preparing to launch a film trailer during the second week of January, well ahead of schedule.

"Every day we shoot a scene [on the set] it has been the perfect timing and the perfect weather" says film director and lead producer, D. R. Quintana. "The script calls for a dark-drama filled with SciFi effects and so far, the gloomy weather in the northern Houston area has helped a lot. We were concerned about how we were going to keep things dark, but the natural elements have stepped up when we needed it the most and did most of the work for us. The actors made mention that it's always cold when we have a shoot date, but they know that the cooler temperatures help the film catch life and a little cold has never hurt anyone."

Much of the films story-arc follows the performances of Nanae Volle and Bing Paulson, both who are local celebrities in Houston's ever growing Chinese community, who have also helped bolster news and updates concerning SAPPHIRE SOUL through their Chinese media contacts on the web and spreading the news overseas. Each actor claims to have over several million fans and followers world wide, who watch their live feeds on the internet through "Live Chat" and other mediums through their cell phones. Quintana has made an appearance on their media streams, stepping in from time to time and waving to the actresses fans and introducing himself to people in other countries.

"They are both online on separate accounts all the time, starring into their cell phones and talking away in Mandarin" says Lora Mao, assistant line producer. "Before the cameras start rolling and after we quit for the day, both are online chatting to their followers and giving updates. It's great promotional exposure for us and we will need more exposure before the film is released."

Cast members have been in high spirits throughout the production and even at times working in some harrowing scene setups which most actors would pass on. For instance, during an unusually cold day, Sara Mao jumped into a lake to play a murder victim who drowned to death. Quintana told Sara that the night before, he and his sons jumped in a local lake to test the possible frigid temperatures of the water. "The surface temperatures down to about four feet were pretty warm" recalls Quintana. "It was the deeper water that was cold and the waters further out from the shore that proved to hold colder temperatures. We kept Sarah close to the shore and a pier to ensure her safety."

"I was really nervous about jumping into a lake, more-so because no one ever made mention to me that I was going to be drowned in a lake" said Sara. "The water was cold, but not as cold as I thought it was going to be. I felt very comfortable working with David and his team.We laughed a lot and David made me feel safe about what we were doing. It was a fun experience that I will never forget."

The film is now stepping into a phase of shooting scenes which tell the dramatic part of the plot as required in the script. Most the cast members are Chinese actors and extra's, but now comes the duality of bringing in two American's to play the parts of bad guys. For Quintana, the duality is a challenge he is willing to face as long as he has a talented cast and a supportive community to help produce his films.

"Working in the middle of Chinatown in Houston has been a wonderful experience" says Quintana. "The Chinese community here has a ton of great locations and office buildings which are supporting our production and possibly many more in the near future. Before we know it, we will be putting this monster together in post-editing and seeing what we have as a product. It will be fun to see the whole thing put together for review."

Quintana and the films producers are currently preparing the launch of the films first trailer. The release date for the film has not been announced, but Quintana confirms that SAPPHIRE SOUL will be released locally to the Houston Chinese community in February.

Jenn E. L.
[Contributing Writer]

Sunday, January 1, 2017


As we step into 2017, the studio is taking great strides to complete production of SAPPHIRE SOUL, a Chinese foreign film currently being produced in Houston, Texas with Nanae Volle as the leading actress. The film is listed as a dramatic/SciFi film worthy of getting due attention for the studios effort in presenting an all-Chinese cast and producing the entire film in Chinese without American subtitles or dubbing. This new issue takes a deep inside look into the films production and two other web series also currently being produced by the studio for new year.

The director [D. R. Quintana] says that the film is being shot in detailed high definition [HD] video, capturing impressive color and clarity on each scene which will be projected before the films audience.

"It's important that people following this film project know that we aren't working with handi-cams or iPhones" says Quintana. "This project isn't just another locally produced, nine minute film with two minutes worth of credits at the beginning and the end. This is a feature film, produced with the best quality picture and sound that fans will concede runs with the best films produced in the real film industry. I would never had jumped forward with this film if I didn't think the studio was ready."

Much of the films story and plot is remaining a mystery until it's release. But the studio has filmed sequences in the wooded terrains of Montgomery, Texas and is now planning to take the production to sections of downtown Houston and several suburbs west of the largest city in Southeast Texas.

"We are not limiting ourselves to one location of filming" added Quintana. "We're using as many areas as possible to show an attempt to present the variety of locations throughout the state and revitalize interest in shooting in this robust vicinity of environments that can be used in any venue of film making. This Indie film will provide a wide arrangement of set locations that have never been provided by area films and produced in a very short time span."

The studio also sheds light on a new informative, investigative reports video show which will air in 2017 called TRUE COLOURS. A four page section in this issued provides insight on how the show will provide news, not only on future feature films and film reviews, but information and documentaries concerning Texas Film Incentives, Acting Agents, Texas Cold Case Murders, Missing Persons, and more importantly, a five-part investigative news series on illegal immigrants entering Texas who are being taking advantage of by organizations who prey on them for profit and how the United States Judicial System seemingly tends to "look the other way" when it comes to the treatment of illegal immigrants after being released from detention centers - This video series also being produced in Spanish for our Latin followers!

If you feel you are missing out on all of the excitement and news, you probably are. You can change that by being a subscriber to the hottest e-magazine in Texas. You must be a known Indie film director, producer, investor or actor to subscribe. Each page of the studio e-mag has dazzling photos of your favorite Indie actor, actress, and model; with liner notes from each individual taken during video production.

The studio e-magazine is dedicated to largely representing actor and entertainment news for the entire state of Texas, their opinions, and their attributes to Indie film projects which have been produced in the state of Texas, produced by Quantum Storm Pictures, or critiqued and reviewed by the studio.

To become a subscriber, just follow the advertisements presented at the offset of each studio release or simply click here to receive more details about subscription terms and presenting your actors headshot in a free ad, or present your business for advertising.

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