Monday, February 13, 2017


Making a music video can be fun...but producing a music video from your favorite 80's rock band, has to be epic! And the studio brought out the goods on ASIA's "Heat of the Moment" as an homage to the late John Wetton, lead singer and writer.

The music video tribute was produced in five takes; one take was not used at all. The studio plans on producing music videos in 2017 - Keep an eye out on this blog for newer productions!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


It's unfortunate that I have to write this last update concerning a local amateur and Indie film project from San Antonio, Texas that had so much potential, so much talent, but filled with a drama level so deep that it sunk the whole thing into a muddy-murky pond, so-much-so it was unable to rise to the surface and show it's true colors.

Filled with some well-known and wonderfully powerful talent that seemed to chase the venue of a 'dream team project' with the likes of Melissa Dawn SmithVincent Segovia, and Bobby Osborn...all of them, well respected actors and filled with IMDB accreditation. And with all of this, the film project ZOMBIE REIGN: Revelation was sure to be a local hit with some potential stabs at statewide success. The only thing missing was a talented and skilled director who might bring everything together to present "the best in San Antonio" and present it on the big screen. 

And I'm sure that Ramiro Avendano thought he had the talent, the muscle, and the movie skills to get production underway in the right direction and set this monster into production...and try he did. For over a time of five years, and working through several variations of the cast, he tried to get this 'Lifetime Dream' thing rolling. Though time and time again there were several set backs that knocked it off track; like accusations of sexual assault, fake contracts, tons & tons of false promises, false claims of production success, and the list goes on and on.

Each time you looked for any updates on this film project, there were great successes in bringing in big talent to the film, then another huge setback that brought it all down. In the time that I spent three months looking into some well-placed allegations being made by some troll on the web, which made me angry at Ramiro at first. But as time passed and those well-placed allegations were looked into; I only found that the trolls were producing false evidence and forcing people to see and read it without the fact that NO ONE ever filed charges. Those trolls were proven to be prejudiced against Ramiro for being Latino and dating a Caucasian actress on his project, and even though the trolls thought they were in the right, they were in the wrong.

From that point forth, I began to defend Ramiro and pledged to get his career as an actor and filmmaker back on track. The amateur director was a hard man to find. He had a fleet of crew members who protected his whereabouts, but eventually opened up with me and we chatted. I openly shared my concern for the project, showed him my work, and told him that I would help him complete his dream project for a fair shake at success. He surprised me when he told me that the film was done, that he needed no help, and that the film was just waiting for some final touch ups. I took Ramiro's word with a grain of salt, met with his team on two occasions, defended him openly with a video interview, defended the project from the trolls, and promised his team the widest coverage with my e-magazine; all of which I held to my word.

But then again for every good thing that moved forward in this project, a hug setback brought it all down. This time it wasn't some troll releasing a web page filled with lies or accusations from another female actor claiming sexual assault, it was Ramiro himself. After struggling for months to set up a half-ass premiere in 2016, the director presented a non-finished, non-polished load of crap to his closest friends, family, the cast, and his crew. I saw the failure coming from a few miles away, and even though I was reassured that the film was ready, I passed on driving the three hour trip to San Antonio to attend the films premiere. You see, Ramiro's mindset had seemed to shift a few weeks prior to the films debut. He [with a few of his closest supporters] decided to produce a mock interview with the director and shift all of the glory to my opinion, at the time prior to the premiere, the mock interview wasn't needed.

Usually, interviews for a films huge success is held AFTER the premiere and not before. Ramiro was taking a huge gamble on his film, pushing more towards the thinking that the premiere would be a huge success. In my opinion, Ramiro was seeking glory before the debut and that is often a sign of ill-success heading it's way from the darkness. Many in the cast and crew will tell you that the premiere was a smash success...there were tons of happy faces and smiles captured in photos for all to see on Facebook and on the web. But the inner truth the actors who worked professionally in films and in other bigger productions, the premiere was a huge fuck-up...beyond that stage of a little 'hick-up' to look passed.

"Good lord, the sound was off..." said one actor. Another actor stated, "...the camera work was good...but the editing was all over the was just trash, very hard to watch."

Many on the cast had seen this gloom of failure quickly approaching. Actors reported that months and months of production meetings were held, but with nothing to show for it. They never saw any progress with the film project, save a trailer that they had watched many times before. The production meetings were "lost money venues" to some of the actors who had jobs outside of the film and eventually chose not to attend them anymore. Some actors say that Ramiro saw the decisions of those actors to not attend the production meetings as a personal stab against him; between the lines, some of the actors roles or parts were reduced or completely cut out of the final film...if you want to call the final work a film. Still a handful of the films faithful team stuck it out to the end...

And what was the end?...

...Well...after promising his cast and crew that they would receive a DVD copy of the completed film AFTER Ramiro made a quick trip to "LA" - Why is it always LA??? - to see some 'professional friends' in the industry to help him complete the film and align all of the errors and make it right...well...he promised the actors and crew that the DVDs would be ready by Christmas [2016]...then, by the first of January [2017]....then, by the second Friday in January....then by the end of the month of January...then...well, you get the idea.

And what was Ramiro doing in the studio everyday, when he was supposed to be working on his Zombie Reign film? one knows. He produced staged photos of him working on the movie often. But no one ever asked if he was truly working on the film. I asked and I was removed from peoples Facebook pages. As redundant as the photos are that I selected for this post, the whole mess; the film, the cast, the crew, the hours spent on useless production meetings, the useless photo captures, the bad promotional ads, the re-shoots, the ADR of sound, the re-editing, the cutting out, the putting in, the ENTIRE thing was under the guise and control of Ramiro Avendano, who at the end, apparently didn't know what the fuck he was doing, what he had in his hands, and just didn't take into consideration the career damage that he might have done to some top notch actors from San Antonio.

None the less, this "dream film project" is DONE and is submitted for your review and a WARNING to others seeking fame in the Independent film scene in your local city or town; if your dream is to be a big actor, take the smart route and learn what you can about stage theater and cut your teeth with stage performances, then get an accredited acting agent and take on some fun gigs. There is no short cut, no easy ride....and dear God, no matter how good you might think the script is, there is no such thing as a Network looking at a certain project that has a no-name director at the helm

I am done with Ramiro Avendano and his dream should be too.

D. R. Quintana

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


After eight years of production, fans of the Internet web series ANGELIKA5 have wondered what has occurred to some of the cast since the series shut down production in 2014 and went straight into working on a full feature film to close out the series. 

In this months new issue, a lot of questions are answered and some interesting personal careers have started for many of the brilliant actors and crew of the now infamous Texas-based web series. You won't be too shocked to learn that a large percentage of the actors and crew have progressed towards new heights of success!

It was no surprise to the studio, nor the fans of the series that Brittany Clark would break into modeling career, not only gracing the cover of the Quantum Storm E-Magazine on more than one occasion, but the covers of professional magazines like MILIEU too. Clark's career wasn't solely due to her work with the studio on the web series, but she got her start as actress and playing the lead role of Angelika McAdam's.

"Watching her grow as an actress and a model has been one heck of a ride" says series creator D. R. Quintana. "Brittany had a lot of fun on the set, she made good friends with the entire cast and we shared a lot of memories both in front and behind the camera. The team made a legacy of strong episodes and fans watched her grow over the years."

Clark's modeling career has taken center stage in her life and she now works full time as a professional model. Her part in the ANGELIKA5 series was said to be the staple of the show's success, but her work and local fame would have never been as memorable without of the help her cast. This issue is filled full of some great liner notes; written by the actors and crew who helped work on the series for over eight years.

Some of the series actors have also stepped into local television, college sports, beauty makeup, modeling, and even high marketing businesses that have made them a staple in the local community. Again, none of their successes were solely due to the web series, but their commitment to being in the series and making it a complete success will never be forgotten by the crew and the show's creator. With the series now entering the production of a full feature film, the actor have done their parts to keep the spirit of the web series running up to the end of the film.

Rainey Beaumier is the actress on the cover of our magazine. She is truly a talented model who worked on the web series for two seasons, playing the role of "Howitzer," an evil 'Vapor Person.' She too has progressed to an extensive career as a model and outstanding actress!
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