Saturday, March 18, 2017


A film that is sure spark some attention later this spring is the studios new film entitled "Praying Mantis" which is loosely based on a set of serial murders which occurred in the mid 1980's where a killer tried to mislead investigators to think that there was a large predator on the loose, killing people in a small town. Not necessarily a SciFi film, the script does present a plot that follows the mind of an FBI "profiler" who uses a unique approach to finding a serial killers.

The film stars [first time at bat] Brandy Wilson as "Reese Moran" - a member of the FBI's Profiler Division, who is sent to San Antonio, TX to assist the cities police detectives to try and gain a good angle [and stay a step ahead] of a killer who is giving the perception that a large insect [or Praying Mantis] is running around the city, killing men who had recently had sex.

The catch?...Well, as the minds eye of the films director/writer, David Quintana, always contends; the catch is that this Federal Agent has a way of stepping in too far into the killers mind and actually "seeing" the method to the madness; usually at the highest level which affects her personae in the darkest way possible and threatens the progress of the case at hand. The plotline for Mantis is a special one which any veteran actor would die for a chance to audition for. But the studio decided to cast the new actress, as part of a well thought out move.

Wilson is not alone in this production. She has veteran actors Bobby Osborn, Brett Wilson Sr. [her actual father & actor], and Stephanie Greenfield to assist her in the acting department. The movie started production in Southern San Antonio on Friday, March 16, 2017, and will last another three to four days over the next two weeks until it wraps. The studio claims that the initial day of shooting was more of an "ice breaker" between the film teams of Montgomery and San Antonio, Texas. The studio also released news that this film is expected to run 80 minutes and will have a premiere in the spring.

"We got our team together the night before, transitioned from a group meeting to pre-production screenplay pretty smoothly" said Quintana. "During our first day on the set we covered a lot of ground and shot for a little over seven hours, capturing some great scenes almost immediately."

Quintana added that many of the San Antonio team members have been dying to working on a new project, mainly to get back into the grind of working on something fun and inventive. "Most of the veteran actors, like Osborn and Wilson Sr., have prior film knowledge and have worked on Independent films before" added Quintana. "Working with our studio on the set, they learned some new filming techniques and short-cuts that weren't considered by them before. I feel like they were surprised at the speed in which we moved from one scene to the next, plus I think they knew they would see their progress in a step-by-step format which can reaffirm a teams effort that things are being done with solid results."

Some of the concerns from outside of the production team has been the studios decision to cast a young, first time actress to the leading role; is Brandy ready some may ask? Is she prepared? "It's my deepest opinion that leading actors, actors of all positions, and even extras are only as good as the director who directs them" says Quintana. "During my initial notes to the films script, I wrote about a young agent who was just out of the academy. She was written to be too young, a little naive, but too mature for her age. On the set, Brandy has fulfilled her part of the role by following my direction with a profound sharpness and has delivered her performances brilliantly in front of the camera. However, is she prepared for the 'instant success' that could come from this projects exposure to the local fans?...that remains to be seen."

Funding for the film was acquired from two investors in Spring and The Woodlands, cities located just north of Houston, TX who are both excited to see the film come into fruition. The films funding not only ensures that the film is a paid gig for the actors, but that the film will have funds to procure permits, licenses, and entry fees for festivals; should the team decide to enter that phase of film promotion. But the question remains, is this a horror flick or another SciFi production?

"The film is definitely a darkly written, dramatic story with a hint of super natural phenomena" claims Quintana. "All of those past years working on SciFi films has given many people the stigmata that every film I write and produce is based on the SciFi genre, but that is not the case here...well, sort of."

A release date has not been set by the studio, but expect to read [and see] more about the film project on next months E-Magazine "Special Spring Break" edition!

J. Jazz
[Contributing Writer]

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


In the far West Texas plains there are tons of fantastic and beautiful faces, but not as pretty and talented as Alishia Brorman, who cannot only pass for a top-of-the-line model, but she's also a talented makeup artist with mad skills that could shake the very foundation of the makeup industry. She's just starting to make a name for herself in Lubbock, Texas...and with the help of Gabriel Madrid, she laid out an absolutely impressive photo shoot for QSE!

We were first introduced to Brorman in the spring of 2016, when she applied for the Spring Break Special Issue. Unfortunately, she was forced to pull out of the planned layout, but kept in contact with the studio and waited for the right time to resubmit her application for consideration. It seems that time did a bit more good than bad on Brorman's part. She matured and seemed a lot more happier in her presentation and that's just the start.

Makeup is her first love. On her Facebook page, she produces several videos daily which present her talents in the makeup department, most are unique as she presents 'short cuts' for the amateur person to attempt her step-by-step techniques. And she does all of this while still attending college, which is sure to be a hectic and schedule heavy avenue that might get in the way of her desire t prosper in the makeup world. 

"School has it's ups and downs" said Brorman. "But I do what I have to do and I think that the stuff that I've been exposed to thus far has been east for me to adjust to.

The touches Brorman [personally] made to herself in three separate photo shoots in three different environmental settings proves that she can adjust to any condition on the photo shoot sets. She's always prepared, ready to make an impression, and have a fun between takes. In her photo sessions with QSE, she made a point of bringing all of her own clothes, makeup, and jewelry to fit a vast wardrobe.

"It may seem like I over think things, but I honestly don't" added Brorman. "I'm like every other woman who wants to look her best, but I'd like to be ready for any emergency or quick 'adjustment that' might come up."

Brorman's layout contains photos from three different photo opportunities. Gabriel Madrid [of Lubbock, Texas] produced some fantastic shots during the early winter months in West Texas, while our own D. R. Quintana released pictures from last springs photoshoot
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