Tuesday, April 4, 2017


The studio proudly released the spring 2017 edition of the infamous award winning QUANTUM STORM E-MAGAZINE [QSE] after winning its second award in three years for presenting professional photography and revolutionary magazine layouts.

On the cover for the spring edition is Brandy Wilson, the leading actress to the studios new Independent full feature film, PRAYING MANTIS, which is now in the middle of production at several locations in San Antonio, Texas. The film also stars veteran actors Bobby Osborn and Brett Wilson Sr, also from San Antonio who assist Wilson in her initial performance as lead actress. Other actors to watch in this new production are the acting talents of Mike Ettnie and Stephanie Greenfield, who were brought to the film to add an enriched feel of talent throughout the films presentation. Film followers should expect the same cast lineup to show up in three future film releases planned by the studio this year.

Produced in a timeline of seven days, MANTIS is expected to hit a local San Antonio theater by the first week of May 2017 and soon after reach out to small theater premieres in three other major Texas cities by summer. The studio claims that the film is being produced as a dramatic/paranormal/SciFi PG-13 film that should run a little over an hour in full length with possible sequels to follow. The films director/producer David Quintana added that the film will include some horror sequences to give the film some "balance" in the paranormal department of the film.

The new issue of the QSE has a limited interview with Wilson, who admits that being a first time lead with a limited acting background has been tough, but that she's enjoying the ride and learning about performing in front of the camera with an experienced crew. Her photo shoot for the spring edition of the QSE was completed along a busy San Antonio Riverwalk and on one of the gloomiest overcast weekends the studio encountered during production.

But the production has not proceeded without its problems, during the first weekend of production the studio encountered a sound problem with microphones and gusty winds; but it was all figured out by the second weekend and production moved forward without a hit in any area of filming.

"These things happen all the time" said Aaron Lightsey, the studios Monster Maker and Key Grip. "One minute you think everything is set, the next everything goes to crap. But you have to move forward and do what you can. I expected the director to sort it out by the next shoot date and he did."

The biggest news so far has been the release of the Indie films trailer which has caught a lot of attention locally in San Antonio and was a welcomed sight throughout the state of Texas for its uncanny capture of night filming inside a darkly lit set. It is expected that Wilson will be presented in Quantum Storm Pictures fashion, as Quintana has often decided to place young actors in the lead of his films when he wants to get a "thrill scene" or two inserted at key moments of his projects, and he claims that big thrills is what the viewers will see on the big screen!
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  1. A huge sized Emagazine with tons to read and see, I love it! Great job to the entire team and a superb fill of photography to make any man wonder how you guys pull this emagazine each month. I was blown away by the sneak peek to Minotaur and the lovely Brandy on the cover!

    Ryan R. R.
    Miami, Fl

  2. You have some interesting projects lined up for this year and it's about time you started releasing the material. Congratulations to Brandy making the cover to the QSE!

    Andrea M.
    San Antonio, TX
    via iPhone

  3. Wow, something positive is happening in San Antonio for a change and the word is out that there's honest film makers wanting to make good films here? I see this promo e-magazine as positive reinforcement to creating a statewide entertainment publication promoting the honest side of Indie films. I hope I'm not wrong and only time will tell. This can be a good thing for everyone and if it's a hit, then there's room for other film projects to launch their ideas in a more target rich environment than the drama laced crap that has surfaced in the last year. I hope this works out. Good luck!

    T. S. Jr
    San Antonio, TX


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