Wednesday, May 10, 2017


It's that time again in Texas and families are spending between $60 and $1200 on Senior Photos; and we're not taking about the cap and gown shots, these are the prime pictures which parents look for when sending out invitations to Graduation Ceremonies. A lot of it is about bragging rights, but for many students, having the extra cash to pay for those so called "professional" photographers who know how to raise the price of photo sessions to keep only the paying returning each year.

Since 2010, the studio has produced a little over 149 senior pictures and charged NOTHING to those parents that wanted a professional touch to their child's senior picture, but without the hassle of paying big bucks for it. Instead, the studio opted for donations of canned food to resupply the local food banks to prepare needy families for Thanksgiving festivities each year. Some mothers who have sought out the studio for photos have received reduced prices and have challenged other photo studios to match the cost.

This year, four studio photographers volunteered their time for a good cause and many of the photo's that were captured proved to be glamorous, and at times, some of the best work seen in years. Photo styles have ranged from regular sports and Letterman portraits, to fantasy sports car shoots, to academic set up shots. The finished works provided a flair for the senior and sense of originality.  Most of the seniors posing for the camera put great thought in the set up of their photos and the reward for their efforts were seen by the parents right after the shoot; something unheard of by the parents who attended the event.

"We viewed each photo after the sessions and made selections for the shots we liked the best" said Casey Miller of Conroe, Texas. "And then they did the photo shop right there in front of us, removing blemishes and acne and giving us full access to our photos. It was a wonderful experience and I wished I had knew about these guys two years ago when I spend a little over nine hundred dollars on senior photos that I really wasn't happy about."

This issue of the QSE presents a little over forty female and male high school students from Conroe, Willis, Spring, The Woodlands, College Station, and Montgomery High Schools. The photos presented are proof positive of some great captures and splendid formats that gave an art to the Senior portraits, giving each one an original look and personal touch by the senior who helped develop his or her own taste in what they wanted for a senior photo.

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