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The studio released news of the completion of it's newest Independent low budget film production, PRAYING MANTIS this past May. The film stars veteran actors, Bobby Osborn and Michael Ettnie, plus new comers Brandy Wilson, Brett Wilson Sr., and San Antonio's own, Emilce Ferreria, in this dark drama concerning a killer who takes on the psychological mentality of a insect to commit their crimes. The film has a run time of 71 minutes and is Rated R for strong language and mature situations.

Produced during the course of six weekends entirely in Somerset, Texas which is located a few miles south of San Antonio, the film is loosely considered a "San Antonio Independent Film" solely because it's the closest city with an identified Independent film industry and the majority of the cast is from San Antonio. Casting Director Laura Carretero brought in some San Antonio talent when the film needed them the most and Diana Wilson worked brilliantly as the Location Manager, providing some great set locations to keep things refreshing and dusty for the film. Makeup was provided by Cilla Rovito and Diana Wilson as required on the set.

The film show's great contrast being shot during some blistering hot days in the spring and some starkly dark nights that leave a lot to the imagination of dealing with "what's out there hiding in the dark?" The production team created some intense moments in the film, presenting what could be a paranormal female monster that has invaded the city of San Antonio which is creating strife by killing men, and presenting some horror filled moments with very little to no green screen CGI. The effects used in the film seemed real and delivered with a solid punch when it had to.

Even though a lot of the film presents some fantastic acting between Osborn and new comer, Wilson, a lot of the powerful moments came from Ferreria [pictured on right] who delivered brilliantly in her role as the County Coroner and showed a dark, psychopathic edge that keeps the movie churning in the right direction at the right time. The heavy original sound track by Mao Lora is sensational and projects the right feel for the scenes as required. The cinematography is crisp and clear throughout the production, presenting brilliant colors, crisp 1080 dpi, but the sound quality is low at times during dialog with Wilson; which is easily hinted on when the film jumps to the next scene. The pacing is outstanding and the camera work sells the film when it has to provide the best angels to tell the plots tale.

The films director, D. R. Quintana, took a little criticism during the production for not spending more time promoting the film locally nor presenting himself for interviews on the local media circuit in San Antonio.

"The film is great!" said Quintana. "It's an actor driven production, lead by an outstanding veteran team who deserve the credit for putting it all together. Their performances in the film made the entire project come to life and is a testament to their skills at putting a film together the right way, with the right drive and focus, and not waste anyone's effort with 13 hour days on the set."

When asked about his lack of self promotion after the film was completed, Quintana replied, "This film is not the usual run-around-the-mill, nine minute Indie film with four minutes of opening and closing credits. The actors put a lot of heart, sweat and tears into every minute of this film. And sure, we didn't get it all done the way we wanted, but there are some brilliant scenes in it that defy what local films claim can't be done on limited budgets. So, for anyone to think that I don't desire attention for this film, doesn't know the way I work. The way I see it, the moment an Independent film shifts focus from who acted in the film to who directed it, the film just lost it's biggest stars...the actors!"

PRAYING MANTIS was released on DVD this past weekend [actually on June 17, 2017] and the first shipments were mailed out after the studio posted a 'reserved sale' on Facebook. You can order your copy of the movie through the movies Facebook page this Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

The studio is now shifting production for two summer movies. The first is called "CALL TO ASCENSION" which starts filming in July and then the horror thriller, "THE CAR - A TRIBUTE SEQUEL" begins production in August.

M. Morris
[Contributing Film Critic]


  1. I've already ordered my copy and I'm eager to watch the film!

    It's great to see a team of actors working with a studio that knows how to get a project done the right way. There's no grandstanding going on, no drama, just a product at the end if all their hard work. The team should be proud to have a film hitting the streets so soon after it wrapped.

    Great job!

    Gabriel Z. III
    San Marcus, TX

  2. I've seen the movie and the review is not biased at all. Matter of fact, it's damn honest and for that reason alone I truly respect all the movie review posts on this blog.

    One great quality that I like about Q films is the cinematography and the actors presence caught on film. With the combination of great soundtracks that follow the path of the story and not engulf it throughout its run, is impressive. I've seen so many Indie short films that have music constantly running throughout it's just becomes bothersome to sit through it all.

    Praying Mantis is a solid film with a few good moments that keeps the flow at a good pace and one of the better-to-best Indie films I've seen this year.

    P. Ramos
    Beaumont Texas

  3. I'm impressed that this movie has more run time than 8 local short films. In a city where most Indie films are less than 10 minutes in length and everyone is proud of it, I'm sure the existence of this movie is a shock to the local film groups trying to make an impression to the small film community. Great job! And remember that just one sale outside of San Antonio is one more sale than anyone has ever had in the local film industry.

    H. R. II
    San Antonio
    [Verified via email]

  4. Okay, I watched the movie thanks to Dave sending me the raw MOV to watch via dropbox. First of all, this movie was impressively produced. I didn't see anything that makes me worry about it not being up to standard for an Indie film. The acting was legit and the characters had impressive development. One part that freaked me out was the hotel room scene that has not been openly talked about or promoted by the studio. The scene was incredibly shot and delivered with some shocking results that made the hairs on my neck raise up on end!

    I think that the review rating is too low for this Indie film and I would movie it up closer to 4.5 and that the studio should be given proper acknowledgement for producing a well made film. It definitely beats anything I've seen come out of San Antonio for a long time. Great job!

    Mike D. B.
    San Antonio, TX

  5. Not a great movie, but it's a good movie for a low budget indie film. I thought the film flowed nicely from one scene to the next with some decent acting. There were a few moments that got me a little freaked out, like walking into that dark trailer and then the horrifying hotel room scene that was very well presented! The ending was a nice touch and the actress who played the coroner sold it to me that she was WAY more psycho than I could have ever handled.

    One thing that I have to ask is, was this movie open for a sequel or what? then the extra scene after the credits kicked in and it was like seeing a whole new movie but with the same character. Great touch!

    Gary L. L.
    Longmont, CO

  6. Recieved my DVD and it was nicely delivered by UPS in a box, very professional. Opened it up and the DVD played nicely in my BlueRay player. I watched all of the content and it was a good movie. For an Indie film it had a beginning, good character development, and a strong ending. Like one of the previous comments, this movie was left wide open for a sequel and then after the credits it seemed like a whole new movie started. I'm not sure if the additional scene was intended to show that there was some freaky stuff happening in San Antonio now or what, but it was a little frightening and the film delivered in a dramatic way several times. Good job!

    Mark J. T.
    Norwich, CT

  7. This movie was definitely shot through the eyes of a professional photographer. Each shot was perfect and I could not find one bad scene in the film to rip it over crappy cinematography. There was some good dialog between the actors and the musical score was perfect!

    The film was enjoyable and easy to follow. The moment in the hotel room was definitely well planned out and captured brilliantly with lighting and sound requirements that will make anyone cringe with the fear of being attacked during sleep paralysis. I am completely amazed that you captured some fantastic scenes in many locations without losing pacing.

    There was some grainy video in the scenes after the credits, but I am sure it was intentional as it helped bring the spookiness to the scene with the crying woman to life. The bloopers were a hoot too, but I feel that there must've been more mischief behind the camera.

    Definitely a 4-star indie film!

    S. D. JR
    Riverside, CA

  8. I certainly didn't feel like I wasted my time watching this film. It was pretty good.

    I'm playing for my customers today.

    Carl G.
    New Haven, CT.

  9. I got the DVD today and watched it three times already. This Indie film has some good potential for a series and the main characters did a realistic job in their performances. It kind of has an XFiles feel to it, but the direction flowed in it's own way making it an original film to watch and study.

    I'm defintiely impressed it was filmed in seven days!

    Irene G. A.
    Lake Charles, LA
    via iPhone

  10. The package was received today via UPS and in a box. I put it into my player and it loaded up nicely. I hit play and the movie started as programmed to do. All of that was impressive enough for me. My family sat and watched Praying Mantis not knowing what to expect and in just a few minutes it had our interest up and then we were jumping in our seats in complete fear! The hotel room scene was fucking intense, so much so we had to put the movie on pause and wonder what the hell just happened. We hit play and got through the rest of the film without anymore jumping around. That is until the end of the credits. My mother was freaking out and already knew what was going to happen! She knows the story about LA Llorna and she was just freaking out until the whole thing passed. Who in their right mind would step out of their car after seeing something like that????????

    Jake G. B
    Escondido, CA

  11. I got the flick in the mail and watched it a few times. There's nothing exceptional about it except it was exceptionally produced and released with a full story!

    I truly liked the letter I got with the package. It seemed a little more personal as it was signed by the director. Nice touch!

    David S.
    NYC, NY

  12. A nice little film, well produced and I love the cast!

    There's a ton of positives from the visual effects to the cinematography and on through the soundtrack that nailed the entire film together nicely.

    And like most low budget Indie films, the film lacks any real action or sex. But I'm not sure if this film required any of that. The story and plot were well written and delivered. This Indie gem is a good buy.

    Leonard P.
    Tulsa OK

  13. Good quality video, nice Indie production and I love the fact that it was produced with an entire unknown cast but you wouldn't know that as you watched it. The cast performed like seasoned professional actors and I was entertained throughout its run.


    Jan H W
    Boblingen, GE

  14. I got the movie and watched it with my g/f. We loved it!

    Y. Munoz
    Macon, GA

  15. I truly don't expect you to post any negative comments so I will speak my mind openly and give an opinion that is contrary to your efforts of claiming you have a mega hit film with only a few DVD sales.

    You haven't done anything more than the other countless Indie films in San Antonio except have a marginal promotional push that obviously has connections through out the network you established before you made this film. Your not the big time director you claim to be and your work will always come in second to the next project that is produced here in town. It's true that I have not seen your film, and much like the other people in San Antonio, I don't care to. So update your sales crap and stay in Houston where you belong. You've done nothing to bolster the Indie film movement in San Antonio!

    If I hurt your feelings, I'm sorry.

    Anonymous SA Filmmaker

    1. Haters will be haters, what gives you the right to say something so stupid, when you haven't seen the film, You got some nerve to even say your a SA FILMMAKER , What awards have you Won ,huh !!! What films have you directed, or your just talking just to talk, nobody is making millions in San Antonio , so Act Professionally, because you probably don't even feed the cast members, or don't give credits, Please , Too many egos around this town..


    2. In the recent years, San Antonio has proven to be one of the worst Indie film cities in Texas, always a step behind in following the progression of other film teams in the state. Just like every other major city, the people from San Antonio demand steps to bring real movies to town, but do nothing to support the local Indie film movement due to personal matters, drama, and pride.

      I don't know who the jackass is that posted that anonymous comment, but he has no idea what the facts truly are about the release of Praying Mantis and the team who put it all together. As far as I know there is no governing authority over the city of SA and for anyone to ask someone to stay away just proves that there are film teams who feel their reputations are now in fear of being bashed by more productive teams outside of the city and San Antonio refuses to support any new film outside of "inner circles" produced in town.

      In a few weeks, San Antonio will have it's monster and slasher film festival. Everyone in the city who cares about Independent films needs to step up and go to the festivals to help those new films represent the city and have a little mature fun.

    3. How about actually seeing this film before you post an opinion?

      I got the film in the mail, nice package and a letter from the director thanking me for supporting the team. I love that this guy, who I have never met, made an indie film with his team and didn't stamp his name all over it like he's this big name in the local industry! The entire film is impressive and not just another silly prelude to bad writing and editing. Praying Mantis is a good indie film with at least three impressive scenes that show a ton more potential than some nine minute short film!

      Brad F.
      San Antonio, TX

  16. I received the DVD in the package, read the letter from the director and I loved the movie! American Independent films have much more class than they do in Europe, the film ratio was perfect for presentation. I cannot understand how the films team was able to capture good video in the dark. Great story strong music and ending.

    Wonderful entertainment!

    Jan C. R.
    Esslingen, GE

  17. I got the MOV today and for a low budget Indie film I was totally entertained. The quality of the cinematography was top notch perfect.

    There are a few spots that need work but the film flowed flawlessly with some interesting dialog and professionally thought out camerawork. This is certainly a film to be proud of with a talented cast and crew!

    The film is both creepy and a bit sultry with the performance of the coroner who really turned it on from one scene to the next. Where most Indie films get a little comedic with their presentation this film stayed on point.

    This is a fabulous production on a small scale, well worth it's price to see.

    Jeremy B. D.
    Charleston, SC

  18. Dear Quantum guys in Texas

    You've one hell of a job on this movie and I have to just point out some strengths and weaknesses that can be used as review material to help the production along. First the directing and casting was superb. All of the actors delivered their parts well and I was truly fascinated by the performances of each. The lighting and cinematography was top notch and some of the best I've seen in a long time when it comes to Indie films. The musical score was brilliant and I love the visual and sound effects used throughout the film and especially in the hotel and end credits scenes.

    The negatives have to come from the sound and I think most of it comes from the actors who were unable to project their voice during certain parts of the film. It's a very minute thing and to correct it all I had to do was rewind and replay the scene, but if this film was released on the big screen, I'm sure the viewers might lose their train of thought trying to figure out what was said. You should consider recording the actors again. A large major it of the films sound was perfect, and I hope you decide to correct those problems.

    The film still gets high marks on my end. The overall presentation was great and the plot and story lines were perfect! I've heard so much good stuff from the Quantum Storm team and I have to admit that the quality of your Indie films far more professional in its delivery each time.

    Until the next film!

    Leonard P. D.
    Foxlake, IL
    via email

  19. Holy crap this movie was impressive for a local, low budget Indie film with no big names on it. Better yet, I love the fact that some of the names in the film I have worked with before and would never have thought they had as much talent to lead a film as we all worked as extras in real studio productions.

    I'm a little worried that your production may sour the local film scenes, especially the one in San Antonio, where the bickering and the bitter drama has turned that film scene into a diluted soup of short films that really isn't proving anything to anybody. Maybe they just feel comfortable that way and maybe that's all the film scene in San Antonio wants at this point. You plugged out a feature film in less than a week and everyone is scared to support it, review or step out and say that the film makes good sense for a town that is screaming for Hollywood type productions to made here. I've been to some of the support meetings regarding "Why not here?" and "We're good enough if they give us chance" where in hindsight, no one really wants to step in and work the real jobs or support one another as a huge team.

    Quantum Storm did a great thing with the team involved and I see this as a positive step for finally seeing a full film with a real story to tell. People, the film is good! There's good quality in the production and I absolutely love the characters brilliant development throughout its run. For an Indie film, the actors did a great job and presented their abilities as required to get the plot and story delivered with a big punch at the end.

    Until something better hits the streets in San Antonio, and I mean a full feature film production, this one gets a 5 Star rating from me!

    Lisa K. T.
    Austin, TX
    via iPhone

  20. Got the box in today. The DVD played perfectly and I liked what I saw! The film was not boring. It had dark drama and it had some funny scenes when it needed comedy. A very nice roller coaster ride.

    I recommend this movie to anyone in the Independent film industry to watch and study. For an ultra low budget film, they hit all of the marks required to make any film look great in the big screen!

    M. K. Yancy
    Austin, TX

  21. Team PM produced a great little Indie film with all of the fixings for something special. In typical David Q fashion there are sexy women, lots of guns, professional tactics, eree shit and an awesome storyline. The only thing missing was ME!!!!!

    RP1 G. Allen, USN
    San Diego, CA

  22. David Q. After viewing your Indie movie I was left with a remarkable story line, superb directing and talented acting. I'm speechless to learn it was filmed completely in less than 2 weeks. A few of the scenes had me on the edge of my seat... scared me!!! You accomplished what you set out to do. I don't know how to score a film but if 4 is an A+ I give you a 3.999. Looking forward to many more. No disappointments only accolades.
    P WEISLER / New Orleans

  23. Undeniably one of the best Indie films I've seen in a while. The actors hit their marks, the cinematography was perfect, and the music was crisp, delivering a brilliant feel to each scene. Great work, guys!

    A. M. B.
    Austin, TX


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